Research: Only 6% of UK Consumers Care About TV Apps; 12% Want Mobile TV; 19% Want 3D

Attention TV world: consumers, it appears, are not as tech-friendly as you might think. According to a new survey out in the UK, the vast majority of the public is not interested in fancy new 3D or mo

Freeview launches iPhone HD TV Guide app, ignores the lack of HD content

<img class="shot" title="freeview-iphone" src="" alt="" width="252" height="138" />[UK] There are already a plethora of TV guide app

PS3 Goes DVR In 2008

Me: Santa, I’d like a PS3 for Christmas. Santa: I thought you hated the PS3. Me: Well, I did but Warwick Light, head of marketing for Sony in New Zealand, has made an announcement that’s makin