• Openmoko scraps next-gen FreeRunner, shifts to "Plan B"

    Although HTC was able to realize its Dream (aka G1), for many hardcore mobile enthusiasts, Openmoko’s open source and ultra-hackable smart device – Neo FreeRunner – was the real dream. Running on Openmoko’s open source Linux platform, the FreeRunner was arguably the first smartphone made specifically for hackers (er, developers) who, according to the Openmoko Wiki… Read More

  • Openmoko Neo Freerunner to launch July 4th

    Man, I loves me some Openmoko Neo Freerunner. Sure, it’s not the prettiest thing on the planet. Sure, a completely open source mobile device may be a bit ahead of the times for all but the most dedicated gadget geeks amongst us. But man oh man, have I been drooling about this for a while. For the uninitiated, Openmoko is a project aimed at creating a series of open source mobile phones. Read More

  • OpenMoko's Freerunner gets streamlined, priced

    According to someone with authority, the OpenMoko Freerunner phone platform will be selling for $399. There was originally a lux version planned, but they decided to stick with one model and snip until it went below four hundred bucks. It should look somewhat like the Neo-type phone pictured at left. I’ve always been excited for this OpenMoko to get their gear out there on the market… Read More