Fleksy switches to a SaaS model for its custom keyboard tech

Keyboard startup Fleksy has launched a new self-serve SDK to expand its reach for indie developers wanting to add custom keyboard software to their apps. The Barcelona-based mobile keyboard software m

H1 2022 cybersecurity product-led growth market map

Product-led growth is one of the buzziest topics in the startup world as the market cap of public companies utilizing the growth tactic skyrocketed in recent years. It’s no different in cybersecurit

Freemium isn’t a trend — it’s the future of SaaS

The merits of launching a free plan should no longer need to be debated. Instead, more companies should be asking: Are we giving enough away?

Stack Overflow adds a free tier to its fast-growing Teams service

Stack Overflow is the default Q&A site for programmers (though the overall Stack Exchange network goes well beyond helping you answer your basic PHP questions). But over the course of the last yea

Twilio launches an app for frontline workers, a free 1:1 video toolkit and a new IoT platform

Twilio is hosting its annual Signal conference today and as usual, the company is using the event to launch a host of new products and features. For the most part, especially if you’re a web or

Sling TV rolls out free content to non-subscribers, initially on Roku

Last year, Dish-owned streaming service Sling TV launched a free tier to its service designed to attract those with lapsed subscriptions to come back and watch. On Roku devices, former customers were

Freeletics raises $45M for its AI-powered mobile fitness coach

The German startup has raised its first round of venture backing from FitLab, Causeway Media Partners and JAZZ Venture Partners.

Home services marketplace Angie’s List to drop paywall for a freemium model

While Angie’s List continues to reject acquisition offers, the home services marketplace is taking a big step to boost its online audience, and hopefully the number of people using it to find th

Chat.Center Reports Really, Really, Ridiculously Good-Looking Growth

Chat.Center, a project by friend of TechCrunch Keith Teare, has successfully navigated the shoals of freemium and is now steaming steadily through solid growth. Teare announced numbers at DEMO Trac

SlideShare Axes Its Freemium Model, Makes ‘Pro’ Features Like Analytics Free

SlideShare, the LinkedIn-owned site that lets you upload and distribute presentations online, is turning over a new leaf today. The service, which has 60 million users, is going free. In tandem with t

Japan Is The Most Potentially Lucrative Market For Gaming Apps, Says Distimo

Mobile analytics firm Distimo just released a new report showing how the most successful apps monetize around the world. According to it, the five most potentially lucrative markets for gaming apps ar

App Annie 2013 Index Flags Up Freemium’s Onward March & Why Many Devs Still Go iOS First

Mobile app analytics firm App Annie has put out a retrospective report on app trends in 2013 and there are few interesting tidbits worth flagging for developers. Notably the continued dominance of the

Freemium Is Irresistable, Even For Successful Game Companies

The freemium debate continues to rage on. Some say it’s the future of how business will be run, while others say it’s synonymous with casual games (read: not for hardcore gamers). Now the

FreedomPop Will Take On Carriers This Summer By Offering Smartphones And A New Freemium Phone Plan

Freemium wireless internet startup <a target="_blank" href="">FreedomPop</a> has been out to undercut traditional wireless carriers on data plan costs for <a target="_blank" h

Google Play, Apple’s App Store Might Face “Legal Undertakings” In OFT’s Investigation Of Freemium Games For Kids

The freemium kids' app party that has seen some parents left with hefty bills because of their kids' use of games could be heading for a sticky end -- at least in the U.K. The Office of Fair Trading h

Should Your Startup Go Freemium?

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Jules Maltz is a general partner at IVP. Daniel Barney is a senior associate at IVP.</em> For some, freemium is a business model that sacrifices revenues and forces star

FreedomPop Opens Its Freemium Internet Service To The Masses With New Public Beta

It’s been <a href="">nearly a year</a> since a company called FreedomPop announced its

The Complete Guide To Freemium Business Models

The idea of offering your product or a version of it for free has been a source of much debate. Pricing is always tricky. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don't give it enough thought. They will o

blueKiwi Rides the Freemium Wave

<img src="" alt="" title="bluekiwi" width="272" height="95" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-142608" /> With the continued success of <