• Outsourcing Platform Hits 2M Users – Guess Where Most Are Based?

    Outsourcing marketplace (formerly known as GetAFreelancer) has hit a milestone: 2 million professionals have registered for its service to date. That’s up from 1 million in October 2009. The New York-based startup says the 2 million users (which I seriously doubt are all active) hail from 240 countries. The largest country represented is the United States, with over 21%… Read More

  • Spots Massive Increases In Demand For HTML5, Geolocation Jobs

    Online marketplace for outsourcing, formerly known as GetAFreelancer, this morning announced their findings on the fastest growing online outsourcing jobs in Q2 with the release of the Freelancer 50. now caters to a user base of 1.6 million small and medium-sized businesses (up from 1 million in October 2009) and says it has outsourced more than 725,000 projects… Read More

  • GetAFreelancer Hits 1 Million Users, Switches Name To

    If the Internet has made one thing crystal clear, it’s that physical borders and geographical distance are no longer necessarily an absolute barrier for conducting business. More and more companies are getting accustomed to the idea of being able to do business with companies on the other side of the world using nothing but digital communication means, or to have entire business units… Read More