Elance-oDesk Rebrands As Upwork, Debuts Slack-Like Chat Platform

A new chapter starts today for Elance-oDesk, a platform where 4 million businesses connect with 10 million knowledge worker freelancers to fill contract jobs. More than a year after the two competitor Acquires Payment Service Provider For $7.5M

Job marketplace announced today that it has agreed to purchased for $7.5 million in cash. The acquisition was funded by through an placement of $10 million AUD (about $7.8 mi

Online Jobs Marketplace Moves Into Home And Local Services

Make way for one more company trying to carve out a business in local and home services. Following in the footsteps of Amazon and Google in their race after the likes of Angie’s List, TaskR Launches Freemarket, Another Place To Sell Domain Names And Websites

There's money in them second-hand domain names, and used websites that may otherwise be heading to the deadpool. Job outsourcing marketplace, which IPOed <a href=" Pays $3.2M To Buy Digital Marketing Marketplace, Warrior Forum

Job outsourcing marketplace has put down a portion of the money it raised from its IPO last fall on buying Warrior Forum, a marketplace and forum for digital marketing professionals.

Job Outsourcing Marketplace Files For $14.2M IPO <a target="_blank" href="">announced today</a> that it has filed for its initial public offering on the Australian Securities Exchange. The company aim Buys Another IT Job Site, vWorker (aka, For A Price In The Millions

<a target="_blank" href=""></a>, the job outsourcing and freelance IT worker marketplace, has made another acquisition: it has bought <a target="_blank" href="ht Facebook App, 3D, HTML5, And Cocoa Jobs On The Rise

<a href=""></a> is poised to release a report later today with a list of the 50 fastest-growing outsourcing jobs for the third quarter of

After Buying, Acquires

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Outsourcing Platform Hits 2M Users – Guess Where Most Are Based?

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /> Outsourcing marketplace <a href=""></a> (formerly known Spots Massive Increases In Demand For HTML5, Geolocation Jobs

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GetAFreelancer Hits 1 Million Users, Switches Name To

<img src="" width="215" height="42" />If the Internet has made one thing crystal clear, it's that physical borders and geographical