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Freelancer marketplace Toptal sues Andela and ex-employees, alleging theft of trade secrets

The war for talent in the tech world can be brutal — and so, it turns out, can the war between platforms that help companies source it. In the latest developement, Toptal — a marketplace f

With $18M in new funding, Braintrust says it’s creating a fairer model for freelancers

Braintrust, a network for freelance technical and design talent that launched over the summer, is announcing that it has raised $18 million in new funding. Co-founder and CEO Adam Jackson has written

The future of work manifesto

We humans are hunter-gatherers domesticated into becoming farmers. Around 10,000 years ago, we discovered the wonders of agriculture. To make farmers out of hunters, we used social norms and sanctions

The Missing Leak In Marketplaces

Here's the rap on marketplaces where buyers meet sellers: Some of them leak revenue. Unicorns are looking leaky these days.

The Best Pros Won’t Work For You, But You Can Still Engage Them

Recruiting is one of the top jobs for any executive or entrepreneur. Talent is the lifeblood of your company; let it drain away, and you die. Unfortunately, that lifeblood is in very short supply -- a