Watch Edward Snowden launch Global Encryption Day, live today

Marginalized communities, survivors of abuse, politicians, law enforcement — they all use encrypted communications to keep their information safe. But the encryption of the kinds of services you

Google’s Cloud Platform improves its free tier and adds always-free compute and storage services

Google today quietly launched an improved always-free tier and trial program for its Cloud Platform. The free tier, which now offers enough power to run a small app in Google’s cloud, is offe

Privacy is still alive and kicking in the digital age

Our lives are lived in data. Data crossing borders and connected in virtual space. Most often, it appears, we live in open and too easily accessible data networks. States and corporations are watching

Why I’m giving my company Election Day off

This year’s U.S. presidential election is confusing for everyone. The popularity contest that has become the election is diluting our time, attention and ability to think critically. Which is ironic

UN Report: The Internet Is Dangerous Because It’s Just So Darn Open!

A recent <a target="_blank" href="">UN report</a> from

Will $25 Million In Government Money Make The Internet Truly Free (As In Freedom)?

<img src="" />Good ol' government, spreading freedom and <i>whatnot</i>. The U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said yest

China opens Internet a crack

After more pressuring China has, again, agreed to open the Internet for the press during the Olympics. After getting an earful from journalists arriving in Beijing to find the Internet not open, as pr

DARPA rides the terahertz wave

Oh, DARPA. Everything you touch turns to semi-gold. Really, though — DARPA is great because they throw money at practically every cool new technology and even if it doesn’t turn into a nea

ThruVision's T5000 strip-searches you from a distance

Just when you thought surveillance was getting intrusive enough (backscatter, anyone?), these guys have made it even worse — and more efficient. Incredibly, they’ve named it as if it were a la

Manhunt 2 still banned in the UK, even after re-editing

The British Committee to Ban Everything has once again rejected Rockstar’s Manuhunt 2, saying that the recently re-submitted edited version is still too “unremitting[ly] bleak” and c

The Hi-Tech Soldier: A Retrospective

Today is Memorial Day in the greatest country on Earth, the greatest country in history. CNET knows this and has a patriotic slide show featuring freedom-spreading technology the U.S. Army uses or pla

Video of Our High Tech Military Might in Action

Our brave men and women are fighting “over there” and they’re using some pretty advanced equipment to bring freedom to a desperate people. This video delivers eight glorious minutes