Loveflutter Is A Google Freebase-Powered Dating Site

The idea of matching prospective dates based on shared interests is about as old as dating itself. But understanding how one set of interests relate to another, certainly at scale, is arguably somethi

Factual Raises $1 Million Seed Round From Andreessen Horowitz, Idealab, And Angels

<img src="" width="166" height="45" /> If you co-founded the company that became Google AdSense, as <a href="

Freebase Takes $42 Million

Online database company Freebase has taken $42 Million in a round that included Benchmark Capital and Goldman Sachs. Total funding to date is $57 million. We first covered Freebase in March 2007 (see

Swivel: The Toast Of The OECD

I spoke at the bi-annual OECD conference in Istanbul last week. One of the big themes of the conference was what policies and products to use to fully leverage all of the official government economic,

Powerset To Launch Social Network Around Search Engine

When Powerset announced plans to launch a new service called Powerlabs a week ago, it looked to be another sand box area for product previews, like those created by Microsoft, Google and others.But to

This is cool, unless it achieves consciousness and kills us all

Freebase launches today, a new startup that intends to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. If that last bit sounds familiar, it’s because it’s