Free Speech

  • How The EFF Lost Its Way By Defending Hate Mongers And Tunnel Rats

    Free speech is a basic human right and is essential to creativity and innovation. But every society places limits on this, particularly when it transgresses into “hate speech” – which disparages someone or some group on the basis of race, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, and so on. Calls to violence are tolerated even less. These often lead… Read More

  • Opie & Anthony Return to XM Satellite Radio After Month-Long Suspension

    The suspension is over. One month after XM suspended them for some convoluted reason, Opie & Anthony returned to the satellite radio company’s airwaves today, celebrating by giving away a whole lot of tickets for a summer comedy tour they’re promoting. Aside from a few jabs at an XM mistake (referring to the show as “Opie & Andy” on its Web site), the broadcast… Read More