• Reddit Adds Ability to Create Your Own "Reddits"

    According to a company blog post, social news site Reddit has launched, in closed beta, the ability for users to create their own “reddits”. The new feature will eventually allow all users to create their own social news lists for chosen topics. These customized reddits will come in three flavors: public, restricted, and private. If you set up a public reddit, every Reddit user will… Read More

  • Fraxi – a "Ning" For Digg Clones

    Ning (and now flux) commoditized social networking and allow anyone who can click a mouse to have their own network. The same thing is now happening with social bookmarking sites that allow people to vote bookmarks up to a top list (better known as Digg). There are scores of Digg clones already, of course. The most well known is Reddit, which was acquired by Condé Nast a little over a year ago. Read More