This autonomous 3D scanner figures out where it needs to look

If you need to make a 3D model of an object, there are plenty of ways to do so, but most are only automated to the extent that they know how to spin in circles around that object and put together a me

Germans are doing deep scans of ancient instruments to uncover their secrets

I don't know if you're into baroque music, but I can tell you that Germans sure are. So it's no surprise that German R&D outfit Fraunhofer has turned its considerable resources towards learning ab

Between robots’ ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ zones, a sort of robot friend zone proposed

It goes without saying that working with robots and heavy machinery is more than a little dangerous. While better practices and ethical companies are still less common than they should be, smarter rob

This app uses spectral analysis to analyze objects and their makeup

Normally, if the creators of an app claimed that it could look inside things and tell you their constituent parts, I would tell you to go peddle your snake oil elsewhere. But this app is from veteran

We’re one step closer to the Holodeck with this 20-camera 3D body-capture setup

Have you ever been in a VR conference call and thought, well, I know what everyone looks like from the front, but what about the other sides? The Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications has your b

In-car cameras let autonomous vehicles track passengers as well as pedestrians

Powerful sensors and software have made autonomous cars impressively aware of their surroundings — but it isn't just obstacles, pedestrians, and other cars that a vehicle's AI needs to watch out for

Lost In The Supermarket? A New Sensor Will Navigate For You Indoors

Sure, GPS helps us get from Point A to Point B, but what if you're just trying to find the Cinnabon? A new system from Fraunhofer allows for in-store (or in-mall) navigation and uses very simple senso

Virtual Mirror: augmented reality without glasses

<img src="" />The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute -- the same Fraunhofer that holds many of the patents on MP3 -- have a boot