Telco Altice to acquire video ad tech player Teads for $308M

Another telco is buying an adtech firm -- today it's been confirmed that video ad player Teads is being acquired by Dutch telecom Altice, which has some 50 million fixed and mobile subscribers, the ma

Google and Facebook partner for anti-fake news drive during French election

The first round of the French presidential election is due to be held in April. So it's no coincidence that Google and Facebook are stepping up efforts locally to combat the circulation of so-called f

French Government to promote gender equality in the tech ecosystem

The French Government announced a new initiative today in order to promote gender equality in the tech ecosystem in France with the help of 15 organizations. Like in many other countries, there are le

Report: $12BN invested in European startups last year, but fewer $30M+ deals

Investment in European startups held up last year despite fears of a slowdown, with some $12 billion invested during the year, according to an annual report compiled by French investment advisors Clip

Vivatech concentrates France’s booming tech scene, and its minds

Something big happened in France over the last five years. Perhaps it was the economic crisis that added some much-needed shock-therapy. Perhaps it was an increasing friendliness toward tech entrepren

Rakuten to exit the UK, Austria and Spain as global retrenchment continues

Rakuten is downsizing its international presence once again after Japan's top e-commerce firm announced plans to shutter its e-commerce businesses in the UK, Spain and Austria.

Who’s afraid of the IoT?

It's heeeere! The Internet of Things, I mean. I just spent several days at the Connected Conference in Paris, which focused on IoT hardware. They built a whole home full of connected devices, showcase

42: The answer to life, the universe and education

"We believe that IT has nothing to do with math and physics... it is more artistic than scientific," says Nicolas Sadirac, as he cheerfully slaughters whole herds of sacred cows. "Knowledge is not use

6 insights into the French SaaS landscape

As a Berlin-based VC firm focused on SaaS, we often get questions about the current state of the European cloud software landscape. To be able to answer these questions more precisely we decided to an

The New Promises Of France’s Legal Tech Startups

Where there is friction, there are business opportunities. In France, a host of startups are flourishing with the promise to ease the pain of paperwork from user-unfriendly administrations or banks. E

Dating App Happn Reaches 10 Million Users, Adds Voice

Happn, the hyperlocal dating app, has revealed that it has 10 million members. The French-based app is growing fast, and the startup says it's on track to reach 30 million users by the end of the year

Paris Attacks Highlight Tech’s Elevated Role In Disaster Relief

As terror attacks put France into a national state of emergency on Friday, AirBnB, Facebook, Google, Skype, Twitter and Uber launched into disaster response mode. AirBnB contacted all hosts in Pari

French IoT Startup Smiirl Raises Seed Round, Launches Twitter And Instagram Counters

French hardware and IoT startup <a target="_blank" href="">Smiirl</a> hit pretty early on the idea of a mechanical Internet of Things-styled ‘Like’ counter for Facebook that

France Launches French Tech Ticket, A Startup Visa For Foreign Entrepreneurs

French Minister of State for the digital economy Axelle Lemaire announced last week a new entrepreneur visa package called the French Tech Ticket. With this package, foreign entrepreneurs could get a

France Adopts Extensive Surveillance Law

Oh, irony. Only a day after <a href="">WikiLeaks revealed</a> that the NS

Weathernews Partners With Paris-Based Netatmo To Power Its Crowdsourced Forecasts

Weathernews Inc. Japan, the owner of Sunnycomb and Weathermob apps, is striking a new partnership with Paris-based Netatmo to use data from its home weather sensors for crowdsourced forecasts.

French Lower House Might Let Google Keep Its Search Algorithm Workings Secret After All

French politicians may not be going on a vendetta against Google after all. In April, the French Senate voted two <a href="

Xiaomi To Sell Products In US And Europe Starting June 1st will soon sell Xiaomi products and accessories in the US and, UK, France and Germany. This comes after last week’s short soft launch of the online store. However, like before, the firm is

France Is One Step Closer To Adopting Extensive Surveillance Law

Following Charlie Hebdo’s attacks, the French Government has been tirelessly working to draft and vote a new intelligence law that goes way too far. Today, the lower house of the French Parliame

Internet Privacy Is The Wrong Conversation

On April 2, the Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook is in hot water with government regulators in six European countries over its practice of tracking users’ movements across the web to sell
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