• To Win Over Voters, Politicians Can Learn From Online Marketers Crunch Network

    To Win Over Voters, Politicians Can Learn From Online Marketers

    Another political season is on the horizon and a relatively large field of candidates will be vying for the hearts, and sometimes the minds, of eligible voters. That means we will hear a number of slogans, sound bites and other messaging efforts to sway our allegiance. Politicians rely on certain techniques to craft these messages. Basically, they try to use to their advantage words that… Read More

  • Aviary Turns Photo Filters And Stickers Into Ads, Partners With GapKids To Promote Diane Von Furstenberg Collection

    Aviary Turns Photo Filters And Stickers Into Ads, Partners With GapKids To Promote Diane Von Furstenberg Collection

    Today, photo editing platform Aviary is unleashing the creative ad platform that it soft-launched last week with GapKids. Coinciding with a wider campaign for Diane von Furstenberg’s collection of clothing exclusively for GapKids and babyGap, Aviary is adding a custom sticker, frame and filter pack that fits in with the clothing’s safari motif. The hope is that whether people are… Read More

  • Photo frame features built-in scanner

    Oh boy, here’s the perfect digital photo frame for grandma, grandpa, or anyone else who’s deathly afraid of technology. Aside from the $200 price tag, it’s actually not a bad idea. It’s a digital photo frame with an integrated 4×6 photo scanner. Read More

  • Photo frame looks like a Mac window

    Perhaps you find yourself in the overlapping section of a Venn diagram consisting of a circle called “People who like Macs,” a circle called “People who hate digital photo frames but are okay with computer-themed standard photo frames,” and a circle called “People who have at least $25.” Sound about right? Then here’s the $25 image.jpg Photo Frame… Read More

  • CEIVA outs 8-inch wireless photo frame

    As digital photo frames go, the 8-inch Pro 80 from CEIVA is an otherwise attractive device with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity that can pull pictures down from the company’s photo delivery service, PicturePlan, as well as from connected computers across your home network. Read More

  • HP outs new ‘DreamScreen’ photo frames with Facebook and Pandora features

    HP has released a new line of wireless photo frames; the 10.2-inch DreamScreen 100 and 13.3-inch DreamScreen 130, priced at $250 and $300, respectively. Read More

  • Picture frame does motion-activated snow flurries

    This here is a photo frame that contains a proximity sensor. When you walk past the frame, it’ll activate a flurry of swirling snowflakes. So whichever 4×6 photo is housed inside the frame will take on the appearance of a wintery wonderland. All for just $25. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 14.1-inch photo frame for $99 has a gigantic digital photo frame for just $99 – way, way down from the $299 list price. It’s the Westinghouse DPF-1411 and it features a 1200×800 resolution, two USB ports, 128MB of built-in memory, and compatibility with JPEG, AVI, MPEG-1, and MPEG-4 files. Read More

  • Review: SmartParts SPX8WF Wi-Fi digital frame

    NOTE: SmartParts is closing shop. Do not buy this product unless it is on sale. Short Version: A built-in e-mail address for sending photos directly to the frame and a gorgeous 8-inch screen barely even out the shortcomings of the SmartParts SPX8WF digital photo frame. Read More

  • Kodak announces $999 OLED photo frame

    Kodak will be showing off a fancy OLED photo frame in Germany next week. I bet it’ll look really nice. I also bet it’ll be prohibitively expensive for most people. Yep, there we go — it’ll cost $999. I hope you have some really good looking friends and family. If you have beautiful acquaintances and deep pockets, here’s what you’ll get: a super thin… Read More

  • Kodak to sell pre-loaded picture frames

    I got my mom a digital picture frame and I don’t think she turned it on. Even though it’s one of those fancy ones with Wi-Fi and web sharking, she just can’t fathom its manifold complexities. Kodak’s new frames, on the other hand, hold up to 100 snapshots, pre-loaded by the factory. You can also add new images with a Kodak flash card, also pre-loaded. Minutes… Read More

  • Photo frame adorned with RAM is pretty, geeky

    It’s not a digital frame but it’s plenty geeky. I just showed this to the little lady and she’s not on board with having this item in our house so maybe some of you can get a little joy out of this photo frame made out of old sticks o’ random access memory. The best part about it being non-digital and made with old crap-ass RAM is that it’s cheap. Like $15, cheap. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 12" photo frame for $130 after $40 MIR

    Just in time for the holidays, here’s a 12-inch digital photo frame for $130 assuming you remember to send in the $40 rebate form. It’s available for pre-order and will ship out on the 16th of this month (free shipping). Specs include an 800×600 resolution, slideshow function, integrated MP3 player and speakers, remote control, and support for most major digital media cards… Read More

  • Digital Life 2007: Parrot 3.5-inch Photo Frame Debuted

    Parrot really loves Bluetooth. In fact, I’m pretty sure if a Parrot was a doughnut, Bluetooth would be a cup of coffee. What? OK, anyways, Parrot unveiled its new 3.5-inch Bluetooth photo frame today. It comes in several different colors with a stitched leather trim surrounding the tiny display. Although tiny, it displays pictures beautifully and can hold up to 100 of them on its… Read More