Google responds to EU antitrust charges against Android

Google has now filed its official response to the EU's antitrust charges against its Android mobile OS. The company had previously been granted a deadline extension by the European Commission, which k

Android Device Ecosystem: More Diverse Than Ever

Growing Android fragmentation -- or device diversity if you prefer -- has been visualized in a new report by crowdsourced cell phone signal startup OpenSignal, which has surveyed 682,000 devices to bu

At 57.5%, Gingerbread Still The Top Android OS; Jelly Bean Climbs To 1.2%

New data on the state of the Android ecosystem has been posted to <a target="_blank" href="">Google's Android Developers site</a>. The big reve

UTest Acquires Apphance In 7-Figure Deal As Mobile Developer Tools Consolidate

Some consolidation in the area of companies that offer tools to mobile developers, specifically in the area of quality testing -- a must-have for developers working in the highly fragmented world of s

3,997 Models: Android Fragmentation As Seen By The Developers Of OpenSignalMaps

Over the past six months, the folks at<a href=""> OpenSignalMaps </a>have been keeping tabs on the devices that have been downloading their network

OK, MG, I Take It Back

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" title="second_thoughts" wi

Linux fragmentation: good or bad?

<img src="" />Everyone and their brother can make an Android device, which means that <a href="