• Fox, Time Warner Cable agree to deal: Your NFL football is safe!

    Fox an Time Warner Cable struck a deal last night that prevented the unthinkable: no NFL football (and Fox News, and Fox Soccer Channel, etc.) for millions of Americans in the some of the biggest TV markets in America, like New York City and Los Angeles! The terms of the deal weren’t announced, but at last check-in, Time Warner Cable was prepared to give Fox between 20 and 30 cents… Read More

  • Fox, Time Warner fight over more money than you can count. Let's blame the Internet and stuff.

    It has all the makings of a drama that no one could possibly care about: a giant corporation looking to make even more money than it already does; an even bigger corporation looking to stand firm and not be bullied into making any decision against its will; helpless consumers with no one to turn to, no altar to pray at; and the Internet. If you’re a Time Warner subscriber you may loose… Read More

  • Family Guy Empire Strikes Back spoof leaks to Bit Torrent sites before its DVD debut

    Fox made the decision to release the second Family Guy Star Wars spoof on DVD before airing on its network. Why? Greed. The first one was a huge hit and instead of just giving it away on a Sunday night for the whole world to enjoy, some corner office suits decided to release it on DVD first. That way, they probably thought while sipping 50-year old whiskey in a smoke-filled boardroom, people… Read More

  • Fox to muck up Glee tonight with Twitter like it did last night with Fringe

    Did you happen to catch Fringe last night? Apparently – I missed it – Fox decided that it would be hip to superimpose a Twitter feed on top of the picture. Well, the Internet has spoken and no one likes it. Oh, and it’s going to happen again tonight during Glee. Read More

  • Fox Livens Up Re-runs With Twitter Commentaries

    Everyone hates re-runs. They’re episodes you’ve likely already seen, being run out of order because there is no new content to run. But Fox may have just figured out a way to make them more interesting: Twitter. The television network will be airing old episodes for two of its shows, Fringe and Glee, with Twitter commentary along the bottom of the screen. But no, sadly, not just… Read More

  • Original Futurama cast returning to the show!!!

    In case you didn’t notice, Peter Ha was a tad upset when news broke about Fox recasting Futurama. Good news though, a deal has been reached.┬áThe original cast is returning after agreeing to the “studio paying more and the actors accepting less” according to I just hope that Peter can get some sleep now. He’s been a little cranky lately. Read More

  • MySpace Outsources International Advertising Operations To Fox International Channels

    MySpace has teamed up with Fox International Channels (FIC) in an agreement under which the latter will take over management of local advertising, marketing, and promotion across a number of territories outside the United States. According to new MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta, this is the first result of its international operational review, which comes a few weeks after the company gutted much… Read More

  • Hulu Now The Number Three U.S. Web Video Site. Soon To Be Number Two.

    Just last month, we wrote that Hulu had gained some 10 million viewers to become the fourth largest video portal on the web. Now, it’s slain another rival to the list: Yahoo, to move into #3 — at least in terms of videos viewed. To be clear, the new March U.S. numbers released by comScore show that Hulu is still slightly behind Yahoo’s video properties when it comes to… Read More

  • Major networks to keep analog signals on until June 12, DTV Coupon program might get more funds

    Now the DTV Delay Act succesfully navigated through the US Capitol, there are some large, looming questions. Primarily, now that the analog switch-off is optional until June 12, what stations will switch off when? And is the Government going to pump more money into the bankrupt DTV vouchers program? Read More

  • HD TV shows from all four major networks on iTunes

    Fire up iTunes and you’ll find, for the first time, TV shows from the four major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) in HD. It’s still $2.99 per HD episode, and that includes a standard-def version of the TV show for your iPhone or iPod. HD shows now include hits like Lost, CSI, 30 Rock and The Office. But we all know The Shield is the best show on TV now, so whatever. Read More

  • Fox buys rights to Cell mobiseries

    Fox International, in its quest to expand its mobile content offerings, has bought the rights to Mobstar’s made-for-mobile series Cell. First aired in the UK on O2, Cell consists of 20 two-minute ‘mobisodes’ about a man locked in prison with a mobile phone and a mystery caller. The show is produced by Endemol and was originally played in the U.S. on Sony’s… Read More

  • Cricket to deliver Fox mobile content

    No contract carrier Cricket Wireless has signed a mobile content deal with News Corp division Fox Interactive Media. Now Cricket customers can access Fox’s portfolio of mobile sites including: MySpace, Photobucket, IGN, FOXSports, RottenTomatoes, AskMen and more. Doug Hutcheson, president and CEO of Cricket’s parent company Leap said: “This is a significant milestone… Read More

  • Fox Interactive Media To Miss Revenue Targets; Chief Revenue Officer Out Amid Reorganization

    Amidst all the excitement over the MySpace Music announcement today is another story about the fate of parent company Fox Interactive Media. FIM, the division of News Corp. that controls MySpace, IGN, Scout Media, Photobucket, Fox Sports, and other properties, is in trouble. The company, under President Peter Levinsohn, will miss their revenue target of $1 billion for the… Read More

  • YouTube's Traffic Marches North, But The Long Tail Keeps Wagging

    New figures released by comScore show that Google’s (mostly YouTube) share of online video has continued to grow, rising to 31.3% of all online video’s viewed in the United States, up from 28.3% in September. Google maintained its dominance over its nearest competitor, Fox Interactive Media (FIM) who remained a distant second on 4.4%, up from 4.2% in September. Notably the top… Read More

  • Apple To Offer Fox Video Rentals On iTunes

    Apple is said to have signed a deal with 20th Century Fox that will see video rentals on iTunes.

    According to the deal will be officially announced at MacWorld on January 14. The same report also says that Apple is in talks with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount and Warner Bros along similar lines. Speculation of Apple offering video rentals via iTunes has been around for a long… Read More

  • Would you pay more for a DVD that included an iTunes/iPod-friendly copy in the disc?

    Question: if a DVD includes a file on the disc that’s readily playable on your computer (on iTunes or whatever), is it worth $3 or $4 extra dollars? Or are you of the mindset that, hey, I’ve already paid for this content, why am I being charged again just to watch it on a different screen? (That’s me. Big surprise.) Apple is in negotiations with Hollywood studios to sell… Read More

  • News Corp Gets Serious On Online Advertising: Fox Interactive Ad Network To Power Other Sites

    Fox Interactive Media (FIM), the online arm of News Corp has plans to become a full service online advertising agency that provides advertising to non-News Corp sites. FIM President Peter Levinsohn told the audience at the Reuters Media Summit today that the advertising network is already in discussion with other News Corp sites for ad sales and that an expansion outside News Corp could come… Read More

  • Did anyone else miss this?

    I just saw the trailer for this while watching Family Guy and now I see that the trailer has been around for five months. Where was I five months ago? Read More

  • Live Free or DRM

    The DRM camp is now saying that copying is good—to a degree. The upcoming DVD release on November 20 of Live Free or Die Hard will be the first to allow digital copies to your PC and one other USB-attached device. That’s two copies for the price of one DVD. The folks at Fox are calling this a Fox Digital Copy, and plan to roll it out with future DVDs as well. The catch: any… Read More

  • Long-Form Video Gaining Viewers on the Web

    When it comes to Web video, short clips under three minutes still make up the vast majority of what people watch. But as the quality of video improves, more people will be willing to sit and watch streams of half-hour sitcoms, hour-long dramas, and maybe even entire movies. Already, there is some anecdotal evidence of this shift. Move Networks—which powers the media players and… Read More