• FOWA 2009: Simon Wardley on what cloud computing standards mean for tech startups

    Looking at the Twitter stream of Day 2 at FOWA 2009, it’s clear that Canonical’s Simon Wardley hit all the right buttons with his levelheaded and wryly humourous take on the ongoing evolution of cloud computing, and what it means for the future of innovation in the tech space. He gave a tip of the hat to Ubuntu’s Enterprise Cloud, which supports the emerging EC2 standard… Read More

  • FOWA: The 2009 Web App Survey Results Are In

    The results are in from the Web App survey we conducted in partnership with Carsonified. As we post this, the results are being presented to the audience at the Future Of Web Apps conference in London. You can also view the results here. Nearly one third of respondents have new applications with less than 100 users. But more than 25% of respondents have at least 10,000 users, and 12% have… Read More