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Short seller says Lemonade website bug exposed insurance customers’ account data

An activist short seller has written a letter to the chief executive of insurance giant Lemonade with details of an “accidentally discovered” security flaw that exposes customers’ ac

Proposed Law Would Make It *Illegal* For Teens To Buy Red Bull & Other Energy Drinks On Long Island

<img src="" />Here's an odd one for your Wednesday morning. The Suffolk County Legislature is now considering a law that would make it i

It's On: 10am Is Four Loko Time

<img src="">Here it comes! <a href="

In 24 Hours I Will Drink A Full Can Of Four Loko, Live, On Camera

<img src="">Friends, we are going to get to the bottom of this <a HREF="

Anticipating FDA Ban, Four Loko Ditches Caffeine

<img src="" />Surely you've heard of Four Loko, the hot new energy drink that contains both caffeine <i>and</i> alcohol? It's a party i