four loko

  • Proposed Law Would Make It *Illegal* For Teens To Buy Red Bull & Other Energy Drinks On Long Island

    Here’s an odd one for your Wednesday morning. The Suffolk County Legislature is now considering a law that would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 19 to buy energy drinks. Plain ol’ energy drinks, mind you, like Red Bull or Monster, would be banned and not just things like Four Loko (which, since it contains alcohol, is already illegal to buy for anyone under the age of 21). Read More

  • It's On: 10am Is Four Loko Time

    Here it comes! The Swill-Drinking Event of the Season! I will drink, over the course of an hour not one but two Four Lokos. You can watch me here or pop over to the main page to chat. I’ll also show off the Galaxy Tab and the NookColor while I do it, but those are ancillary to our goals. Why am I doing this? Partially because it’s funny and partially to express outrage at the… Read More

  • In 24 Hours I Will Drink A Full Can Of Four Loko, Live, On Camera

    Friends, we are going to get to the bottom of this Four Loko mess the only way we know how: through journalism! Tomorrow at 10am Eastern/7am Pacific I will drink a full can of Four Loko and report on the results live and in living color. Why am I doing this? Because I support the sale of horrible malt liquor beverages? Because I believe that every producer of sickly green liquids deserves an… Read More

  • Anticipating FDA Ban, Four Loko Ditches Caffeine

    Surely you’ve heard of Four Loko, the hot new energy drink that contains both caffeine and alcohol? It’s a party in a can! They tried it yesterday on Ron & Fez, and you could tell that some of the guys (read: Mark Zito) were already slurring their words after a few sips. Now the bad news: the FDA is expected to ban the drink in an announcement later today. Better buy one… Read More