How to ensure an ethical acquisition for your startup

Syed Balkhi Contributor Share on X Syed Balkhi is founder and CEO of Awesome Motive, a software holding company that provides website tools to help small businesses grow and compete with big companies

Three human mistakes VCs often make, and how understanding them can help entrepreneurs fundraise better

The sheer number of non-economic mistakes made by VCs due to their human nature is seriously underestimated.

Founders: It’s never too early to start planning for your succession

Exits are few and far between and founders are burnt out. Even if they don't have immediate plans to leave, planning for it makes it easier.

How to be an inspirational startup founder

For startup founders, the ability to inspire has everything to do with the ability to get others to see the world the way you do.

Why startups should start preparing now for a potential founder breakup

Founders are inherently optimists, but they should plan for worst-case scenarios so they aren't blindsided if something does happen.

Early-stage founders are optimistic about raising again — but not all of them

A January Ventures survey found that the fundraising market is starting to turn back in founder's favors but not all founders are so sure.

How founders can cut through the noise and find events that are actually worth it

Founders get bombarded with invitations to events, and not all of them are worth it, but there are ways to figure out which will provide value.

To attend or not to attend: We asked 52 founders whether events are useful or a waste of time

There are many founder-focused events but are they actually helpful or just a distraction? Founders need to strike a balance.

A program so nice, these founders did YC twice

Parker Conrad may be best known as the founder of both Zenefits and Rippling, but he is also arguably the best-known founder to have gone through Y Combinator’s accelerator program twice. Of cou

Spotify founder Daniel Ek admits he initially ‘didn’t get’ the appeal of the flagship feature, Discover Weekly

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek made a surprising confession in a recent post to X (formerly Twitter), where he admits not only that he didn’t come up with the idea for Spotify’s flagshi

How Pilea helps founders break down stigma around mental health

There hasn’t been a ton of research on the prevalence of mental health issues among founders, but what there is speaks loudly.

If it hadn’t been for them meddlin’ kids

Welcome to Startups Weekly. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every Friday. Not to get all GrumpyManYellsAtCloud.gif, but I’m getting pretty tired of the myth of the dropped-out-of-college founde

Don’t fall into the toxic workplace trap

Having a strong culture can lead to less churn and more efficient teams, and that is even better for the bottom line.

Cornerstone VC hires Ella Wales Bonner as first female partner

She will be the fund's first female partner as it seeks to build a "world-class" team.

Still, sparkling or made from the air? with Reuben Vollmer and Tyler Breton from Spout

Welcome back to Found, where we get the stories behind the startups. This week Becca and Dom are joined by the founders of Spout, a startup that makes a device that can pull fresh drinking water out o

Many startups are built off research, so why don’t more scientists become founders?

While their work is the backbone of many startups, many scientists don't become founders. Perhaps its time they should.

Active founders make good investors, but do they make good VCs?

Data from AngelList shows that founder-led VC firms outperform but the data is incomplete. While the strategy works well, it has drawbacks, too.

Announcing the Builders Stage agenda at Disrupt 2023

We'll be talking operations, hiring, fundraising and more, hitting on key topics for a new generation of startup founders.

Just 7 days until the TC Early Stage early bird flies away

Book your TC Early Stage pass before April 1 and save up to $200 before early bird pricing closes.

Announcing the TechCrunch Early Stage Audience Choice winners

The Audience Choice results are in, which begs the question, could we BE more excited to share this news? No, we could not. Out of hundreds of applications, we curated 10 breakout sessions and 10 roun
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