TechCrunch is back in Africa next week!

TechCrunch is headed back to Africa to find the next wave of early stage startups tackling big ideas! Last October, TechCrunch held Startup Battlefield in Nairobi, Kenya and featured 15 early stage st

Justin Kan’s Atrium is starting a boot camp to help founders raise money

Raising a Series A is hard for a founder. Especially when you consider they’re usually doing it for the first time, while the VCs on the other side of the table are essentially professional nego

Stripe Atlas adds a tool to set up stock issues for founding teams as it builds its business services

Stripe Atlas was launched by payments company Stripe last year to help small businesses set themselves up as a legal, incorporated business entity in the U.S. Now with “thousands” of entre

The questions almost no startup founders ask

The following is a chapter from Ryan Holiday's new book, The Perennial Seller, a fascinating look at what it takes to help books, tech projects and art that last. In this chapter he discusses the ques

How peer-to-peer payment app Cookies imploded

Only a couple of months after the official launch, German startup Cookies announced on its blog that it is filing for bankruptcy. According to the blog post and discussions I had with multiple sources

Newly proposed rules for foreign entrepreneurs will help some, but not all, found U.S. startups

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, an office under the Department of Homeland Security, put forward a proposal today that would allow the U.S. Government to offer parole (temporary permis

How to keep your investors invested

You did it. You secured your funding. Good for you. You tirelessly developed, pitched, sold, maybe even danced a little. Not a song and dance, but a display of passion, commitment and promise. You suc

Milestone-Based Vesting For Startup Founders

Scott Kupor, COO and a managing partner at Andreessen Horowitz, recently published an article on (titled “Your next business partner should come with a prenup”) in which he reviews sev

Overseeing A Successful Founder-CEO Succession

Replacing a founder-CEO is no small matter. The founder-CEO is the core around which a startup grows. Replacing that "core" is a highly divisive and hotly debated topic in startup and VC circles. Idea

The Case For A Large Founding Team

It is common wisdom nowadays that a founding team consisting of 2–3 founders is ideal. Doing it solo is simply too hard. Founder burnout is an imminent possibility, and statistics are simply not on

How Smart Founders Avoid The Risk Of A Down Round

Talking about down rounds in a bull market feels like shopping for an umbrella in this unprecedented California drought. You get some funny looks, but it pays to be prepared. When the current market s

Clueless Founder “Hacks” Jason Calacanis’ Voicemail After Spoofing Phone Calls

I don’t like to bring up these little lapses of judgement (or, in this case, horrendous lapses of reason) but it’s an interesting story and deserves at least a brief mention. An entreprene

CoFoundersLab Looks To Become An OKCupid For Founders Following Acquisition Of Stealth Mode Competitor, Wonpy

CoFoundersLab, a matchmaking service for startup founders similar to FounderDating, Founder2be and a host of others has acquired the IP, product and a few relationships from New York-based Wonpy,

How The Huang Brothers Bootstrapped Guitar Hero To A Billion Dollar Business

Editor’s note: Derek Andersen is the founder of Startup Grind, a 35-city event series hosted in 15-countries that educates, inspires, and connects entrepreneurs. He also founded Commonred (acqu

Founders, ICE And The Rise Of The Entrepreneur Influencers

Watching the dawn come up with a bunch of European entrepreneurs on tour in Tel Aviv this week, and hanging out with many of them at the recent <a target="_blank" href="">F.ounder

Should You Trust Your Gut? The Answer Is Yes.

<strong>Editor’s note: </strong><a target="_blank" href="">Derek Andersen</a><em> is the founder of </em><a target="_blank" href="">Start

Which Founders Use FoundersCard? Craig Newmark, Kevin Rose, Leah Busque & 8K Others

In 2009, Eric Kuhn created <a target="_blank" href="">FoundersCard</a> as a way to give entrepreneurs the same kind of elite programs, perks and networking opportunities tradi

Founder Matchup Service CoFoundersLab Expands Via Acquisition Of Two Competitors

<a target="_blank" href="">CoFoundersLab</a>, a matchmaking service for startup founders along the same lines as <a href="

Steve Blank Teaches Entrepreneurs How To Fail Less

While secretly wanting to be an entrepreneur but working at Electronic Arts, I would sometimes sneak out early and jet to Stanford campus to crash Steve Blank’s entrepreneurial lecture series. Steve

Stop Looking For A Technical Co-founder

"How many of you want to start a company?" David Tisch asked. All hundred hands went up. That's why we were there, crowded into a Wharton classroom to seek startup advice from an industry luminary.
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