The Highlight Startups From FounderFuel’s Summer 2013 Cohort Demo Day

Montreal-based accelerator FounderFuel held its Demo Day for its Summer 2013 cohort of startups today, and the nine companies taking part all offered pretty impressive pitches. Three companies stood o

Here Are The 9 FounderFuel Summer 2013 Cohort Startups Showing Off At Demo Day This Week

One of Canada's largest accelerators, Montreal-based FounderFuel, is gearing up for its Summer 2013 Demo Day during Startup Festival this year, and the list of 9 companies on display this time around

Groove Playlist Generation App Tops 85,000 Downloads In One Day After Going Free

Groove is a Canadian-made mobile app that's tearing up the charts, reaching a top 1o spot in over 30 countries, and climbing to number 1 in the Canadian app store over other music apps including Rdio

FounderFuel Offers Up Silicon Valley Office Space And Cross-Pollination Opportunities For Canadian Startups

Montreal-based FounderFuel, one of Canada's leading startup accelerator programs, announced a new plan this week to provide access to free work space at Rocketspace or Plug Snd Play in SF and Silicon

Startup Accelerator FounderFuel Raises $6M, Puts Another $150K On The Table For Each Team

Last June, <a href="">FounderFuel</a> became the latest in a new crop of Canadian startup accelerators, joining <a href="">Year One Labs</a> and mo

Startup Canada: FounderFuel Launches Accelerator Program In Montreal

<img src="" />Today, another early-stage accelerator program hits Quebec's largest city, joining <a href="http