• Fotopedia Will Shut Down Its Apps And Website On August 10

    Fotopedia Will Shut Down Its Apps And Website On August 10

    About six years ago, former Apple Application Division CTO Jean-Marie Hullot founded Fotopedia, a startup that in its early days tried to bring the coffee table book experience to the iPad (and later iPhone). It focused on travel-related apps and quickly gained traction with users and advertisers. By late 2012, the company had already served up over 3 billion image views, but since then, it… Read More

  • Fotopedia iPad Book

    Fotopedia Introduces The Endless Photo Book On The iPad (Video Demo)

    The iPad is fostering all sorts of new ideas for how to create digital books, and the most interesting ones do not come in iBook form. Instead, they are being delivered as apps. A great example of this is Fotopedia Heritage, the first of a series of photo books for the iPad and iPhone (iTunes link). It is not just a photo book dumped into the iPad. The Fotopedia photo book app goes well… Read More

  • Fotonauts Raises $1.1 Million, Shifts Fotopedia From Desktop To Web

    We are big fans of Fotopedia (which is also known as Fotonauts), TechCrunch50 startup that turns your photo albums into collaborative Web pages about different topics and subjects. According to an SEC filing, Fotonauts raised $1.1 million in funding from Ignition Partners, Banexi Ventures and Jean-Marie Hullot, the founder of Fotonauts. Hullot confirmed the funding with TechCrunch. Read More

  • Jolicloud Raises $4.2M From Atomico, Mangrove; Zennström Takes Board Seat

    On the very same day that a certain search and Internet advertising giant based in Mountain View, California has made public its plans to soon bring to market an open-source operating system that it hopes will give Microsoft a run for its money when it comes to powering the netbooks of this world, a lone startup from Paris, France has raised millions in financing to do exactly the same thing. Read More

  • Fotonauts Emerges From Its Cocoon As Interactive, Web-Based Fotopedia

    We’ve been eagerly awaiting the public beta launch of Fotonauts’ encyclopedia for photos, Fotopedia. TechCrunch Editor Erick Schonfeld reviewed the preview of Fotopedia that was released a few weeks ago. A startup that debuted at TechCrunch50 last year, Fotonauts turns your photo albums into collaborative Web pages about different topics and subjects. Fotonauts, which was in… Read More

  • Fotonauts Offers a Sneak Peak At Its Upcoming Fotopedia

    When Fotonauts debuted at last year’s TechCrunch50, I called it a “gorgeous photopedia” because it promised to turn your photo albums into collaborative Web pages about different topics and subjects. Fotonauts is a desktop photo client which helps you tag, organize, and share your photos in a live feed, and is still in private beta. But you can see a glimpse of what the… Read More

  • Fotonauts Opens Up A Little More; Skip The 5,000-Long Waitlist

    Paris, France based Fotonauts, which launched at TechCrunch50, had a strong showing at the Le Web conference earlier this month. The company aims to be a sort of Wikipedia for photographs, letting users create and edit albums of events, things and places. Information from Google maps and Wikipedia is automatically added to the albums. The attention to detail and design is what makes Fotonauts… Read More

  • Tag The World—One Tweet, Yelp, and Flickr At A Time

    We all know how tagging makes the Web a richer place (by tapping into people’s desire to categorize things and share those categories, ad-hoc though they may be, with the everyone else). Tagging brings a bottoms-up order to the Web by making information more searchable and thus easier to find. Now it is time to start tagging the world. The real world. In fact, millions of people… Read More

  • TC50: Fotonauts Is a Gorgeous Photopedia

    Jean-Marie Huillot wants to create “a Wikipedia of pictures,” a Photopedia, if you will. The former CTO of NeXT and Apple’s Applications Division launched Fotonauts today at TechCrunch50. Fotonauts helps photographers organize, upload, synchronize, and share their photos. But it does more than that. It adds data from Wikipedia, Google Maps, and other places to photo albums… Read More

  • Ex-Apple Team To Launch Stealth Startup Fotonauts

    A team of five former Apple software engineers, led by former Apple Exec Jean-Marie Hullot, have been working on a new stealth desktop/web photography focused startup called Fotonauts since late 2006. Sometime in the next couple of months, they’ll launch publicly. The company is based in Paris, France. Hullot, who worked with Steve Jobs at Apple in the 1980’s, left with him to serve… Read More