Fotopedia Will Shut Down Its Apps And Website On August 10

About six years ago, former Apple Application Division CTO Jean-Marie Hullot founded Fotopedia, a startup that in its early days tried to bring the coffee table book experience to the iPad (and later

Fotopedia Introduces The Endless Photo Book On The iPad (Video Demo)

<img src=""> The iPad is fostering all sorts of <a href="">new ideas</

Fotonauts Raises $1.1 Million, Shifts Fotopedia From Desktop To Web

<img src="" width="188" height="66" /> We are big fans of <a href="">Fotopedia</a> (which is also kno

Jolicloud Raises $4.2M From Atomico, Mangrove; Zennström Takes Board Seat

<img src="" alt="" />On the very same day that a certain search and Internet advertising giant based in Mountain View, California has mad

Fotonauts Emerges From Its Cocoon As Interactive, Web-Based Fotopedia

<img src="" width="186" height="200" /> We've been eagerly awaiting the public beta launch of <a href="">Foton

Fotonauts Offers a Sneak Peak At Its Upcoming Fotopedia

<img src="" width="215" height="151" /> When <a href="">Fotonauts</a> debuted at last year's

Fotonauts Opens Up A Little More; Skip The 5,000-Long Waitlist

<img alt="" />Paris, France based <a href="">Fotonauts</a>, which <a href="">launched at TechCrunch5

Tag The World—One Tweet, Yelp, and Flickr At A Time

<img src="" /> We all know how tagging makes the Web a richer place (by tapping into people's desire to categorize things and sha

TC50: Fotonauts Is a Gorgeous Photopedia

<img src="" /> Jean-Marie Huillot wants to create "a Wikipedia of pictures," a Photopedia, if you will. The former CTO of NeXT and

Ex-Apple Team To Launch Stealth Startup Fotonauts

A team of five former Apple software engineers, led by former Apple Exec Jean-Marie Hullot, have been working on a new stealth desktop/web photography focused startup called Fotonauts since late 2006.