Google Search now queries Reddit and Quora in response to open-ended questions

In early April, software engineer Dmitri Kyle Brereton published a blog post — “Google Search Is Dying” — that struck a nerve. Now among the most upvoted threads of all time on

Got It Pro uses machine learning to find a human solver for your techie problem

Can AI be used to intelligently rank expertise? Serial entrepreneur Peter Relan thinks it can, and and has today launched what he's billing as a "knowledge-as-service" (KaaS) platform to connect (huma

Moot Rebrands As Muut (Yes, Really), Raises $770K To Make Online Forums Less Ugly, a startup launched last April to do away with ugly online forums by offering a flexible, customizable and more modern-looking platform for online discussions, has raised $770,000 in new fund

With $1M In Funding, Bunch Aims To Be The Center Of Your In-Depth, Topic-Based Discussions

The Internet isn't lacking for sites and services where people can post their comments and thoughts, but Andrew Sider, co-founder and CEO of a startup called <a target="_blank" href="http://www.joinbu

Goodbye Ugly Forums! Moot Is A Flexible And Modern Platform For Online Discussion (And It’s Free)

<a target="_blank" href="">Moot</a>, a startup offering a new take on commenting and forums, is launching today after three and a half years of development with the goal of bringing the

Hometalk Aims To Be The One-Stop Site For Home Improvement Info

As someone who doesn't know a two-by-four from a 4X4, I usually depend on the Internet for home improvement tips. For example, did you know you're not supposed to flush dental floss? I didn't discover

Kid asks for Photoshop help, gets hilarious results

The Premise: A young man reaches out to an online forum for help, asking people to retouch an old photo that he wants to make into a birthday present for his father. The Result: A few people retouch t

Best link of the day so far, you can thank me later

The Internet is a great big place. Make sure you know where on it you are before posting on a forum. That is all. Thanks, Josh.

T-MobileSignal: Unauthorized T-Mobile Forum Just Begging for a C&D

More power to the cats over at T-MobileSignal, but they better get that TMo pink off of their forum or the Germans are going to blitz their inbox. Essentially, this is a fairly lively T-Mobile forum t

There Is A God: Killzone Beta Coming Soon

Though a lot of the FPS hype lately has been centered around the upcoming Halo 3 multiplayer beta, one other tidbit of news has just been announced that could rival that of the Master Chief and the Xb