Millions of patients’ data confirmed stolen after Fortra mass-hack

Millions of people across the U.S. had reams of personal and health information stolen in a mass-hack targeting dozens of companies, including healthcare providers, according to new filings with the f

NationsBenefits confirms thousands had personal data stolen in Fortra breach

Another corporate giant has confirmed thousands of healthcare members had information stolen in the cyberattack targeting Fortra customers. Florida-based technology company NationsBenefits said in a d

Silence gets you nowhere in a data breach

An important lesson in how not to respond to a breach, courtesy of LastPass and Fortra.

Children’s data feared stolen in Fortra ransomware attack

The fallout from Fortra’s mass ransomware attack continues to widen as the hackers claim a new victim: a children’s virtual mental health care startup. In a data breach disclosure filed with t

Fortra told breached companies their data was safe

Software maker Fortra told its corporate customers that their data was safe — even when it wasn’t — following a ransomware attack on its systems, TechCrunch has learned. As we have been repo

New victims come forward after mass-ransomware attack

The number of victims affected by a mass-ransomware attack, caused by a bug in a popular data transfer tool used by businesses around the world, continues to grow as another organization tells TechCru