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Index-backed Hutch puts $5.5M in the tank to rev up its mobile gaming engines

UK-based indie free-to-play mobile games developer studio, Hutch, is gearing up to step on the gas and strap a bunch more players into its clutch of racing themed titles, fueled by a $5.5M expansion r

Kers Well That Ends Well: Victorious Red Bull Doesn't Even Bother With Kers At Australian Grand Prix

<img src="" />So much for all of that fancy talk about the return of Kers. The system, which is about as close as you can get to using a m

Playseat's F1 Red Bull Racing Simulator Lets You Pretend You're Sebastian Vettel

<img src="" />Is Red Bull once again the team to beat in Formula One this year? It certainly looks that way, if the past few w

Formula One's Newest Innovation (Maybe): Artificial Rain

<img src="" />The recently delayed <a HREF="">Formula One</a> season now begins at the end of t

Formula One Pilots Decry Technology Creep: 'It's Just Not Enjoyable'

<img src="" />Red Bull Racing’s “number two driver,” Mark Webber, seen here with a cat, has just about had enough of technol

Ferrari F150: The First Formula One Car Of The Season Inches Toward Green

<img src="" />The new <a HREF="">Formula One</a> season begins in March, andFerrari is the first

Formula One Will Be Available In HD This Year (Finally!)

<img src="" />Good news: <a HREF="">Formula One</a> will be in HD this year. You’d have thought

Formula One Adds ‘Green’ Engines From 2013 Season

<img src="" />Formula One's governing body, the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), has committed the sport to “impr

Formula One to cut emissions by 15 percent within 3 years, becomes first green-ish sports organization

<img src="" />Some auto racing news for your Wednesday morning. Formula One, the fancy circuit that, like <a HREF="http://www.crunchgear.

What has more buttons: an F1 steering wheel or your BlackBerry?

<img src="" />As Matt will tell you, I know <i>absolutely nothing</i> about cars. Four wheels, a steering wheel, a couple of pedals&mdas

To promote PGR, Microsoft backs Formula One's Lewis Hamilton

Microsoft is endorsing British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton to win this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix and, hence, the F1 championship this weekend. It’s one of those times where the