format wars

Amazon expands movie viewing options

Starting today, customers using Amazon’s Video On Demand will be able to watch ad-free content on their Mac’s, PC’s and select TV’s. Previously, users had to use the Unbox application or use T

Netflix charges more for Blu-ray discs; loves streaming

Confirmation came Monday from Netflix that the movie rental giant is charging more for Blu-ray discs in a test program. No hard and fast pricing is available yet as the company is determining a pricin

Japanese carmakers try to declare Li-ion batteries winner for electric vehicles

Toyota, Nissan and Matsushita have formed an alliance to attempt to create a worldwide standard for Li-ion batteries for automotive use. If they succeed in convincing the International Organization fo

Blu-Ray on Xbox?

Betting on the losing format isn’t such a bad thing for Microsoft. Sure they made an expensive peripheral HD-DVD player, but at least they didn’t integrate it, leaving gamers stuck with a costly p

Samsung cancels dual HD-DVD/Blu-ray player

[photopress:samsung_hd_dvd_blu_ray_players.jpg,full,center] If you’re like me, you love yourself some home theater setup, and Blu-ray is likely your next purchase, if you haven’t already b

Sony: "Don't forget, PS3 is Blu-ray!"

[photopress:blurraymenups3.jpg,full,center] Did you know that the Playstation 3 can play that new, next-gen DVD standard called Blu-ray that virtually all movies will be coming out on? It’s true

A moral dilemma: Should HD DVD users be allowed to rip and re-burn their discs, even if it violates DRM?

[photopress:hd_dvd_videos.jpg,full,left] Now here’s something to think about: Now that HD DVD is dead, do you see anything wrong with HD DVD disc owners breaking the DRM on their discs to make b

It's official: Blu-ray wins

[photopress:hddvdrip.jpg,full,center] It’s over, and Blu-ray wins. The main backer of the HD DVD format for next-gen video discs, Toshiba, has itself withdrawn from production of said discs. Wit

Porn industry turns its sexy back on HD DVD format

The pornography industry, ever-delivering the deciding blow (pun intended) in video format wars, looks to be jumping mid-race from one pony to another. See first the industry picked the HD DVD pony. T

Toshiba drops prices on HD DVD players

Forget holiday shopping deals, many Toshiba HD DVD players are now selling for under $200 anyway. The HD-A3 and HD-A30 are going for $134.98 and $174.98 on Amazon, respectively. You’ll still get

Samsung dual player still dropping this month, even cheaper

There’s a lot of confusion going around about Samsung’s dual player, BD-UP5000, and when it may actually hit retailers. Amazon says it won’t be here till next month, but Samsung is o

Format wars: Come together or die

As I’ve said before, the so-called format war won’t be coming to an end anytime this year or next. It’s not really even a war amongst the two formats. Each camp must convince the con

Hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray discs dead in the water

Looks like we won’t be seeing Warner Home Entertainment’s hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray discs after all. The company recently reported that it’s pulling the plug on the project that would ha

Sony brass thinks Blu-ray vs HD DVD is a 'stalemate'

Howard Stringer (Sony Corp. CEO) says that Blu-ray and HD DVD are in a stalemate. He has to say that, though. I’ve stayed out of the debate since it started because, as a consumer, I don’t

HD DVD invades 90k+ homes over the weekend

Remember the Toshiba HD-A2 player that was going for $99? Yeah, well, it sold over 90,000 units over the weekend. Crazy, huh? That comes close to Sony’s Blu-ray player, the BDP-S300, which retails f

LG BH200 combo HD DVD / Blu-ray player will be expensive

Currently, Circuit City is listing LG’s much-anticipated BH200 combination Blu-ray / HD DVD / DVD player for $799.99. That’s an expensive player with a price reminiscent of the first HD DV

HD VMD to take on Blu-ray, HD DVD

…and I say "take on" loosely, although this is going to be interesting to watch. A company called New Medium Enterprises (NME) has manufactured a "low-cost true high definition so

Acer offers PC with Blu-ray/HD DVD combo drive

Australian? Not sure whether to go with Blu-ray or HD DVD? Who cares? Not exactly "new" news but Acer recently released a computer in your neck of the woods with a combo drive made by LG. Ex

HD DVD camp forms group to promote interactivity

Say hello to the new Advanced Interactivity Consortium. Its goal is to promote "superior interactivity for a wide range of next-generation consumer devices, digital content and distribution scena

HD DVD isn't going anywhere, not by a longshot

Call me a flip-flopper all you want, but me thinks HD DVD might kick Blu-ray to the curb. That being said, allow me to preface this by saying that the so-called format war is lame and it will undoubte
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