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  • Gift Guide: Jimmyjane Form 6 Massager

    Gift Guide: Jimmyjane Form 6 Massager

    There are strange dynamics associated with giving sex toys as gifts. So let’s get that out of the way first. You really have to know a person well before you pick one of these up. This isn’t a stocking stuffer. Here are the three things you should know about the Form 6 from Jimmyjane: first, the Form 6 is no gag gift because it’s quite expensive. Second, this is a gift you… Read More

  • Review: JimmyJane Form 6 Massager

    First, let’s get this out of the way: Tried this bugger on both myself and my good lady wife. So this is a hands-on review. Back in Columbus, Ohio the local adult shop was called the Lion’s Den. It was a chain – there were a few in Columbus and I guess they were all over Ohio. They have a NSFW website now. This place was chock-full of porn and cheap sex toys. I’ll… Read More

  • Video: Unboxing the Form 6 Massager

    Hey, guys, guess what just came in the mail? The Form 6 massager with dual-action for those heard to reach places. I’ll do a full review shortly – WITH PICS! – but here’s a quick unboxing for you all. Note: This is for external use only. Read More