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  • Amazon, Apple Soar In Customer Satisfaction In 2011; Netflix Plummets

    Amazon, Apple Soar In Customer Satisfaction In 2011; Netflix Plummets

    According to customer experience analytics company ForeSee, e-commerce giant Amazon once again topped consumer satisfaction in online retail after taking the top spot in 2010. However, Netflix, which had a dismal year, plummeted in customer satisfaction. For the past seven years, Netflix and Amazon have been competing for first place in Foresee’s Index, but this is the first year where… Read More

  • New Data For The Daily Deal Value Debate: "1/3 Of Buyers Are Brand New Business"

    Research firm ForeSee Results put its analysis spotlight on the daily deal industry, concluding that discount distribution services offered by companies such as Groupon, LivingSocial and Google do in fact bring lots of new customers to merchants’ doorsteps. According to ForeSee, 38 percent of the people purchasing daily deals were already frequent customers of the merchant in question… Read More

  • Survey: Facebook Lovers Hate Facebook

    A survey that went out this morning called the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), garnered a lot of attention around the blogosphere. While this survey is nothing new, this year, they included a few “social media” sites for the first time. And the results were interesting. Or, at least, the results basically said Facebook sucks. And that’s interesting. But… Read More

  • New Market Research: Social Media Sites as Annoying to U.S. Customers as Cable Providers, Airlines

    A new study by ForeSee Results and the American Customer Satisfaction Index finds that U.S. consumers regard social media sites Facebook and Myspace as lowly as they regard cable providers, airlines and the I.R.S. The Annual E-Business Report for the A.C.S.I. study encompassed thirty online media brands in the categories of: portals and search engines, news and information sites and for the… Read More