• Ford Opens Motor City Innovation Exchange, A Showroom For Detroit Startups

    Ford Opens Motor City Innovation Exchange, A Showroom For Detroit Startups

    The economic downturn of the last few years hit few cities as hard as Detroit. Still, the city has recently become somewhat of a startup hub in its own right and today Ford Global Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company that manages Ford’s intellectual property portfolio, announced that it is opening a showroom for “innovators to show off their creations to… Read More

  • Ford Partners With Bug Labs To Develop Open Source Platform For In-Car Innovatin’

    Ford Partners With Bug Labs To Develop Open Source Platform For In-Car Innovatin’

    At the TechCrunch Hackathon on Saturday, the 108-year-old, All-American automaker, Ford, teamed up with the newly-American music service, Spotify, to showcase the growing opportunities for developers looking to take advantage of in-car gadgetry to integrate their apps and mobile services. Today at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco, Ford looks to continue pushing forward with in-car… Read More

  • Spotify And Ford Team Together To Showcase The Music Service’s First In-Car Integration

    Spotify And Ford Team Together To Showcase The Music Service’s First In-Car Integration

    Today at the TechCrunch Hackathon, Ford, the second largest automaker in the U.S., teamed with Spotify, the fast-growing Swedish music service that recently arrived in the states, to demonstrate the current opportunities for in-car app innovation as well as the new voice-activated Ford SYNC system. Just to clarify: This isn’t an “official partnership”, it’s just a cool… Read More

  • Ford And Zipcar Partner On Car-Sharing Program For Universities

    Ford And Zipcar Partner On Car-Sharing Program For Universities

    Ford Motor Company and the leading car-sharing network Zipcar have just announced a partnership that establishes Ford as Zipcar’s largest auto source for Zipcar’s University program. The new, two-year alliance will reach students at over 250 university campuses here in the U.S. Ford will start shipping its vehicles, primarily the 2012 Ford Focus and Ford Escape, to colleges… Read More

  • Ford to Sell Solar Panel System Alongside Electric Cars

    Ford to Sell Solar Panel System Alongside Electric Cars

    Ford Motor Company is teaming up with San Jose-based solar panel maker SunPower to offer a rooftop solar system option which will be sold alongside the upcoming Ford Focus EV. The “Drive Green for Life” program, as it’s being called, involves mounting solar panels on a customer’s home. These panels wouldn’t be used just to charge the Focus itself, however. Read More

  • Finally, A Ford Dealership In Playstation Home

    The strange, sterile Second Life type world of Playstation Home has been missing something. No, not a soul or anything like that. It’s been missing virtual car dealerships. And Ford decided it was time that particular problem was addressed. Read More

  • Ford Announces Partnership With AT&T To Connect Focus Electric To The Cloud

    Today, Ford announced their partnership with AT&T to provide wireless service for the upcoming Ford Focus Electric. AT&T transmits vehicle data — much like Audi and T-Mobile — to Ford’s cloud that owners can access via any Android, BlackBerry, or iOS smartphone or web browser. Read More

  • In Efforts To Be Green, Ford Receives Patents For SmartGauge With EcoGuide

    In order to squeeze out that last mile from a gallon of gas, Ford has come up with the SmartGauge with EcoGuide. It’s essentially a visual meter that lets drivers know when their foot is overly plumbum, coaching them to back off and slow acceleration. Ford was recently granted the two patents that makes their gauge unique from others. Read More

  • Ford To Bring Back The GT As A Hybrid?

    To some, the Ford GT was probably one of the best cars ever built. But after 4,000 models and two model years, Ford quit building the iconic sports car. With all the momentum Ford has going these days, wouldn’t it be cool if they brought it back, again? There are rumors out there that say, yes, Ford will bring back the GT, but not as quite you’d remember it. Read More

  • First Drive: 2012 Ford Focus, A European Car Meant For The World

    What’s the first thing you think when you hear the word “focus.” You might respond, “camera,” or “cheap car,” or “concentration,” but definitely not, “fun,” “technological,” or “practical.” This will likely change in a second because those are the words I’d use to tentatively describe this… Read More

  • Ford Dealers To Offer Training For MyFord Touch

    It seems not everyone is able to use the new MyFord Touch system. MyFord Touch is Ford’s new interface, displayed over three screens, that is the next generation of SYNC. While many young people, familiar with tech since birth, find the system generally easy to use, many of the older customers aren’t as tech savvy and have been having difficulty using MyFord. Therefore, Ford… Read More

  • Cool Idea: Separate Key Puts Your Stang Into Race Mode

    I’m not surprised that it’s a Mustang, a brand of car that’s always walked the line between consumer and enthusiast, that’s going through with this great idea. We all know Mustangs like to run, but the fact is they’ve been tamed somewhat by the necessities of everyday driving. Sure, you can still get a thrill when you put the pedal down, but if you were to take it… Read More

  • Review: 2011 Ford Edge Sport

    Sigh. Another crossover. Nearly every manufacturer makes at least a couple. So Ford did something that would have been unthinkable for the company just five years ago. They pushed the Edge away from the norm. The exterior sheet metal went from pedestrian to radical. The interior no longer looks like every other Ford model. This is what’s called risky innovation. The result is a love it… Read More

  • The 2011 Ford Edge Sport Brings Vehicles Into The Computer Age — Lag And All

    It’s very apparent within seconds of sitting in the 2011 Ford Edge Sport that it’s different. It feels like the future. There are two LCD screens flanking a lovely analog speedometer, flush mounted inductive-type controls on the center stack and of course, a large infotainment screen. It’s like a car from the future! (It’s not) Inside is the latest generation of… Read More

  • Ford Earmarks An Additional $850 Million To Build Fuel Efficient Cars

    With car sales starting to inch higher and the threat of bankruptcy only faintly visible in the rear-view mirror, Ford is loosening its purse strings once again. On Monday afternoon, the Dearborn, Michigan based company announced that it will invest another $850 million into the development of more fuel efficient cars and technology. That cash, which is earmarked for 2011 to 2013, is still… Read More

  • Alan Mulally To Keynote CES 2011

    Hopefully Audi’s Chairman Rupert Stadler is good at sharing. He’s not the only auto maker bigwig headlining CES 2011 anymore. Nope, Ford’s chief, Alan Mulally, is returning to the Consumer Electronic Show for the third time in as many years. He’s taking the podium on Friday, January 7th at 11 am and will no doubt talk up Ford’s impressive list of in-vehicle… Read More

  • Ford Going With Active Cooling For Its Focus Electric

    One of the big conflicts in battery tech right now is how to keep the things at the right temperature. Nissan and Mitsubishi are going with air cooling, while Tesla, Chevy, and as of today Ford are all opting for liquid temperature regulation. Since few electrics are really on the road, it seems there isn’t sufficient data to go with one over the other. Read More

  • Driven: 2011 Ford Edge And Edge Sport With MyFord Touch

    Edging down Natchez Trace parkway, in the mountains just southwest of Nashville, a small convoy of journalists deftly put the new 2011 Ford Edge through its paces. When making passes along the route one couldn’t help but notice smiles gleaming on the faces of the other journos. We tested both the 22-inch rolling Edge Sport and the $10K cheaper Edge SEL. This vehicle is the first from… Read More

  • The 2011 Ford Explorer Goes Green(er): No V8, Front-Wheel Drive, Unibody Platform, V6 Or I4 EcoBoost

    Ford just pulled the sheet off the brand new 2011 Ford Explorer. It’s a bit different than we’re used to. Traditionally next-gen SUVs are bigger and badder than the previous generation. While the 2011 Ford Explorer is slightly longer than its predecessors are, the engines are smaller, the ride height is lower, and the overall off-roading capabilities are dramatically reduced. Read More

  • Toyota Settles Longstanding Patent Dispute Over Hybrid Vehicle Tech

    Toyota settled a longstanding patent dispute today with Paice LLC, a firm that first sued the Japanese auto juggernauts back in 2004. The technology disputed had to do with supplying torque from both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine to a car’s wheels, according to earlier reports by Bloomberg BusinessWeek and confirmed by a Paice spokesperson today. Read More

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