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TikTok’s new feature lets you refresh your For You feed and retrain your algorithm

TikTok is introducing a new feature that lets you reset your For You feed and start fresh to retrain the app’s algorithm about content you enjoy. The company announced today that it’s roll

TikTok’s new feature will tell you why a particular video appeared in your For You feed

TikTok is launching a new feature that allows users to see why a particular video was recommended to them in their For You feed, the company announced on Tuesday. The new feature is designed to bring

TikTok brings its TV app to more devices across the US and Canada

Just ahead of the U.S. Thanksgiving holidays, TikTok is expanding its footprint in the living room. The company earlier this month launched its TV app in North America in partnership with Amazon Fire

Vine Gets A Personalized Channel Just For You

If you’re a Vine user then you know that finding new clips can be difficult. I rely mostly on my network to surface really funny Loops, but the team wants to make it easier for you. Today it has