Two million people streamed the NFL on Twitter last night and loved it

The NFL just released numbers on last night’s debut of NFL’s Thursday Night Football on Twitter, and they are pretty damn good. More than 2M people watched the game on Twitter, compared to

Wilson’s Connected Football is a $200 piece of smart pigskin

I feel the grouchy old man part of me (about 75-percent of me, at this point) starting to complain about how in his day throwing the old football around was enough fun and we didn’t need to, well, g

The Pro Football Hall of Fame goes 4D

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is a hallowed enough place, considering it is filled with bronze busts of the most legendary players the sport has ever had. But walking through the historic grounds in

West Ham becomes first English Premiership football club to sign an e-sports player

West Ham United has become the first football team in the U.K. to embrace e-sports after the club signed pro gamer and World Cup runner-up Sean Allen, aka Dragonn.

A Look Inside How ESPN Gets Ready For Super Bowl 50

Before it’s made apparent by my remarks, I don’t know jack shit about football. I can watch a game with a Bud Light in hand and unassumingly make my way through a plate of snacks and know

The NFL’s First Live-Streamed Game On Yahoo Attracted Over 15 Million Viewers

Yahoo and the NFL this morning said that over 15 million people tuned into the first-ever global live stream of a regular season NFL game, hosted by Yahoo on Sunday, which featured a match-up Buffal

NFL Games, Including The Super Bowl, Come To TuneIn

Live radio and podcast streaming network TuneIn this morning announced a deal that will see it offering live, play-by-play coverage of all NFL games to its premium subscribers. The multi-year partners

Facebook Now Lets You Frame Your Profile Pic To Show Support For Your Favorite College Football Team

Facebook has been allowing users have a lot more fun with their profile pictures lately. Last month, the company introduced support for 7-second, looping videos instead of static images as well as new

CBS To Live Stream Select Regular Season NFL Games, Including For The First Time, The Thanksgiving Day Game

Catering to a TV-viewing audience that increasingly watches on a variety of connected devices, including mobile phones and tablets, CBS has announced plans to live-stream coverage of two regular-seas

NFL Teases A New Subscription Service For On-Demand Games, Will Support Apple TV

The NFL is preparing to launch a new version of its Games Pass service, which will now include the ability to watch games on a wider selection of devices, including the Apple TV. According to informat

Mouthguards, Magnets And Smart Helmets Are Putting The Brakes On Traumatic Brain Injuries

On beautiful green fields around the U.S., college and professional football players are facing up to 100Gs of rapid deceleration from helmet-to-helmet collisions each week. The result? Concussions an


In the old days of Twitter — at least ‘old’ by Silicon Valley 2.0 standards, which is anything over five years — you could count on a couple of things. First, Twitter would go down almost ever

Germany’s Stunning World Cup Win Over Brazil Is The Most-Tweeted Sports Game Ever

For a long time yesterday, I couldn't see any tweet in my regular feed that wasn't in some way linked to the Germany/Brazil semifinal World Cup match – and apparently, I wasn't alone. The devastatin

Uber Inks Its First Sports Deal, Partners With The NFL To Promote Safe Rides For Pro Footballers

Fresh from a <a href="">$258 million investment</a> led by Google Ventures and TPG, tech-powered transp

From The Experts To You, Six Fantasy Football Tools For Total Domination

Yes. Fantasy football season is upon us. Amid a sea of apps and sites promising to get you a little closer to perfection, I turned to some of 2012's most accurate fantasy experts to get their take on

Every Other Tech Angle You Need For Super Bowl XLVII

Millions of people across the U.S. are preparing their jerseys, face paint and horrific nachos. Yes, football fans rejoice, the big game finally kicks off tomorrow in New Orleans -- that is, Super Bow

The NFL Season Starts Tonight And Twitter Has You Covered With A “Get-Started Page”

If you're an NFL fan like I am (Go Eagles), then you are probably following some of your favorite teams and players on Twitter. The season starts tonight with the Giants vs. Cowboys, and I really don'

Watching The Big Game? Keep An Eye On @202friends While You're At It

<img src="" />The Big Game is this Sunday (remember: <a HREF="

Incoming Adidas AdiZero 5-Star Is The Lightest Football (As In NFL) Cleat Ever Created

The new year has started, and we’re getting back into the swing of things here at CG. (CES is this week, woo~!) The first big thing I have to share with y’all? Yet another example converge

Nike's Newest Football (The American Kind) Goodies: Air Zoom Alpha Cleat & Pro Combat Uniform

<img src="" />So… how about those New York Jets? I hear they've screwed the pooch of late. This is how I transition into talking abo
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