• Fans to choose next Madden Curse victim

    If I were Jared Allen, Drew Brees, or Reggie Wayne, I’d run screaming from Doritos and EA Sports. Whether you believe in the Madden Curse or not, the fact remains that just about every player that’s appeared on the cover of one of EA Sports’ Madden games has suffered a serious injury or seen his once-dominant playing ability severely decline. So for Madden NFL 11, Doritos and… Read More

  • Video: Castrol machine kicks soccer ball 200+ km/h, makes Cristiano Ronaldo jealous It was established at some point that Crisitano Ronaldo, the Portuguese international who gets red cards for Real Madrid, can kick a soccer ball at around 130 km/h. People keep track of this for some reason. This here robot… thing can kick a soccer ball at more than 200 km/h. Somewhere, Mr. Ronaldo is quietly sobbing to himself, on top of a huge pile… Read More

  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 knocks FIFA 10 off its little perch, becomes top selling game in Europe

    Believe it or not, but FIFA 10 isn’t the only soccer game around. In fact, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 just came out in Europe, and was the top selling game there last week. Not the top selling sports game, but the top selling game overall. Yeah, it’s big. Read More

  • Around 500,000 people watch England-Ukraine online (because that was the only way to watch it)

    England lost to Ukraine yesterday, thus sullying Fabio Capello’s 100 percent World Cup qualifying campaign record. While I understand that CrunchGear is quite popular in England—we get so much fan mail from Stoke!—I also understand that man of our American readers have no idea what I’m talking about, much less do they care. Au contraire, mes amis, for there is… Read More

  • Congratulations, FIFA 10: You're the fastest selling sports game of all time

    My fellow Americans! I just wanted to let you know that, yes, there are other countries in the world (WHAT?!), and none of them give a damn about the Madden franchise. EA just revealed that FIFA 10 (which I haven’t played, but that’s OK; I hear it’s good) is the fastest selling sports game of all time! So says a fancy e-mail we just received. Olé-lé, olá-lá, ser del… Read More

  • With Setanta gone, England turns to Internet to broadcast away games

    Once again, the Internet has saved the day. As some of you may know, Setanta, a sports broadcaster, recently went out of business in the UK. The unfortunate thing is that Setanta held the rights to England (football/soccer) away games. England play the Ukraine, in Kiev, next week, in a World Cup qualifier, so that leaves English fans without a way to watch the game. (England have already… Read More

  • Flumotion adds DVR-like ability to pause live streams for Champions League games

    Matchday Two of the UEFA Champions League begins tomorrow. You probably already know this, because, really, who doesn’t love the Champions League? Exactly. But unless you have DirecTV (here in the U.S.), you’re stuck with whatever games are on the Fox networks. These games primarily feature the English teams, because, I guess, the idea is that “Americans speak English, so… Read More

  • Review: Madden NFL 10 (Xbox 360)

    With the NFL season now in full swing, you may be looking for ways to pass the time between Tuesday morning and Sunday afternoon (or Thursdays – stupid Thursday night games screwing up Fantasy and Pick’em leagues the world over). Sure, you could converse with loved ones, do some much needed yardwork, or – gasp!!! – read a book, but maybe you’d find plenty of… Read More

  • The early days of John Madden Football

    Great article over at Edge Online for anyone interested in the early days of EA’s John Madden Football franchise. Did you know that one of the first versions of the game was initially 7-on-7 due to memory limitations? Madden himself put the kibosh on that one right away, saying, “What’s this seven-on-seven? This isn’t football. If my name’s going to be on… Read More

  • Gigantic video screen in new Cowboys Stadium to cause problems all season long

    When Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones set out to build the biggest, most elaborate, most expensive stadium in all the land, a ridiculously large video screen was, of course, on the list of things to purchase. The problem, however, is that the screen is so big and hangs so low to the ground — just 90 feet above the playing surface — that punts are going to be hitting the bottom of… Read More

  • Oh my god there's snow in football games now

    When you’re playing Madden or PES or what have you, how important is it to you, the gamer, that exact weather conditions are accurate? That is, if it’s snowing in Green Bay in real life, do you expect to see snow when you turn on your PS3 and play a Green Bay-Vikings exhibition game? I ask because apparently there’s money in that. Read More