• Foonz Finally Stops Ringing

    Okay, this one took a little longer than I predicted, but VOIP service Foonz is suspending its service. More than a year ago, its chief marketing officer decided to shift focus to another startup. That wasn’t a good sign. Foonz has been using up its minutes since then. Today, its users received the following notice that the service is being suspended: Read More

  • Foonz, The Deadpool Is Calling

    Here’s my prediction for 2008: The deadpool is going to fill up with VoIP services. The first one to jump in may be VoIP conference-call service Foonz. News flash. There’s just no money in giving people free calls. The CMO of Foonz’s parent company, RPM Communications, tells GigaOm that he has “shifted focus” to a new service called Utterz that lets people… Read More

  • Conference Calls Via Cellular Phone

    Calling in to a conference call has been easy enough from a mobile phone – and nothing beats soaking in the rays on a roof garden while listening to a long boring call (just don’t tell my editors). But now foonzMobile from RPM Communications will let mobile users take part in a conference call that will cost nothing other than the minutes sued for a regular call. Users simply send… Read More