• Tech Republic: Giant robots are stupid. CrunchGear: STFU

    [photopress:optimus_prime_close_up_transformers_the_movie.jpg,full,center] Nerds, we have a new enemy. He’s a blogger for the Tech Republic who claims that giant robots are stupid. Read that again: he claims that giant robots are stupid. It is time for a mechanical jihad, readers. His reasoning is that bipedal robots are stupid because other means of motivation are superior, which might… Read More

  • ATHF Is the Bomb!

    Here’s a video of the Boston bombers in action. I assure you that Al Queda will now commandeer this technique of “creating cartoon characters using LEDs” to take down most of Akron, Ohio. Click through below for some excellent video of their stoner-tastic press conference. Update: Cartoon Marketing Ignites Bomb Scare [Alternet]
    Show your Mooninite Pride! Read More

  • CTIA 2006 Coverage: Morons – FIGHT!

    For your enjoyment, a recreation of the noble and traditional art of Japanese Sumo as performed by two drunken fools. Read More