DouxMatok takes sweet journey to become Incredo after securing $30M

Incredo’s technology binds real cane or beet sugar with trace amounts of a natural carrier that is able to reduce the amount of sugar in foods by between 30% and 50%.

The cultivated meat industry’s known struggles will take time to sort out, and maybe that’s OK

“Is cell-culture meat ready for prime time?” wasn’t just a clever TechCrunch+ headline, but a legitimate question posed in early 2022 that still really hasn’t been answered.

Chunk Foods close to opening factory to produce ‘millions’ of plant-based steaks

The company develops whole cuts of alternative proteins using fermentation technology and food-grade microorganisms.

TC+ roundup: Pitch coaching from 5 VCs, Black founder funding options, 3 fintech flubs

If you’ve added "AI" to your pitch deck to make it more appealing, I have some bad news: FOMO is passé, and due diligence is the new black.

Precision fermentation’s capacity craze: Have we lost the plot?

To get the economics right for large-volume commodity food products, the precision fermentation industry should focus in on a few areas.

Alternative seafood startup Aqua Cultured Foods reels in $5.5M

Aqua Cultured Foods is using proprietary mycoprotein (fungi) fermentation processes to create whole cuts of calamari, shrimp, scallops and filets of tuna and whitefish.

Morocco’s food tech Terraa raises $1.5M led by FoodLabs

Terraa, a Moroccan B2B tech-enabled food distribution platform, has raised $1.5 million pre-seed funding in a round led by FoodLabs, a European early-stage VC investor and venture studio for food, sus

New School Foods’ filet looks and tastes like salmon, but it’s actually plants

New School Foods created a proprietary muscle fiber and scaffolding platform for making whole-cut salmon alternatives with the same colors, flavors, fats, texture and mouthfeel of traditional fish. 

Report: Impossible Foods planning to lay off 20% of staff

Earlier this month, the company reported a year of record sales that included over 50% dollar sales growth in 2022.

When it’s time for a steamy nooner, Steambox has you covered

If you have a particular hatred for the microwave or prefer your food to be heated gently when you’re ready for lunch, Steambox is ready for your steamy lunch encounters. The company sold more t

VCs dish on why food tech investment was so light in Q3, while SAVRpak bags freshness deal with Jüsto

Food tech is experiencing a similar downturn in venture capital investment, and two VCs give their perspective on what's happening.

Nourish Ingredients gets $28.6M boost for its animal-free fats

The company expects its first fats product to go into alternative protein product lines and specialty foods in 2023.

French food tech company Standing Ovation nabs $12 million for animal-free dairy cheese

The burgeoning food tech revolution continues apace with news that French startup Standing Ovation has raised €12 million ($12 million) in a series A round of funding to develop an animal-free case

Your future shrimp meal could come from Atarraya’s farming technology

The company's three-pronged technology includes creating ideal environment for the shrimp, remote operations management and AI-powered automation to monitor and feed them.

TechCrunch+ roundup: Cell-cultured meat, alternative financing, avoiding tech debt

You don't need to be a scientist to understand the impacts of factory farming: if you've driven past the cattle feedlot in Coalinga, CA, the smell travels for miles.

Fraîche grabs new capital to whip up fresh-delivered meals for New York offices

The company includes a smart fridge that is stocked with meals and snacks daily, and a mobile app so that office employees can check out the contents whenever they want.

Teatis, low-sugar superfood powders developer for diabetics, closes seed round

Serial entrepreneur Hiroshi Takatoh recognized the need for convenient and nutritious food for critically ill consumers after losing his wife to cancer. Takatoh founded Teatis, a plant-based sugar-blo

Next Gen Foods to launch its plant-based chicken in the US after raising a $20M seed extension from investors like GGV

Singapore-based Next Gen Foods will bring its plant-based chicken alternative to the United States after raising a $20 million seed extension. Investors included GGV Capital, agriculture and food-tech

Plant-based food startup Next Gen lands $10M seed round from investors including Temasek

Singapore is quickly turning into a hub for food-tech startups, partly because of government initiatives supporting the development of meat alternatives. One of the newest entrants is Next Gen, which

IoT and data science will boost foodtech in the post-pandemic era

Leveraging data, hardware and biological solutions can help brick-and-mortar stores remain relevant and continue churning out cash.
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