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Cultivated Biosciences poised to take its yeast cream to market in 2025

The company went public in December with its first proof-of-concept coffee creamer that remains stable when added to hot coffee.

Ingrediome believes it can solve the lab-grown protein taste problem

The co-founders of Israeli food tech startup Ingrediome say they are inventing better-tasting lab-grown protein that's up to 10 times less expensive to produce.

Meati Foods puts CFO Phil Graves at the helm as it cuts 13% of its workforce

Meati is another example of a tech company making layoffs that didn’t appear to be in trouble.

Bluestein Ventures raises $45M for third food tech fund

Bluestein Ventures targets consumer-facing technology across the food supply chain like health and wellness, proprietary foodtech, commerce and digital technology. 

Miruku grabs more capital as its plant-based dairy tech reaches proof of concept

The company made advancements in its proprietary dairy seed system to leverage interactions between recombinant dairy casein and native plant proteins, with or without improved fatty acid profiles.

Planet A Foods whips up more capital to take its cocoa-free chocolate global

Planet A Foods uses fermentation technology to turn all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients, for example, oats and sunflower seeds, into its cocoa-free chocolate brand, ChoViva.

Kost Capital raising inaugural fund to invest in European food tech startups

Kost aims to “be the best co-investor in Europe” and work with food tech and generalist investors looking for a firm with scale-up expertise and food-specialized abilities.

Elo Life Systems grabs another $20.5M to get its monk fruit sweetener to market

Elo Life is focused on a number of technologies from developing plant-based sweeteners to crop protection.

Food tech roundup: VC funding declines again in Q3 amid fewer deals

Food tech investors discuss another consecutive quarter of decline in venture capital investments into areas like plant-based meat alternatives and cultivated meat.

New capital infusion puts Farmless on path to first alternative protein products

The new capital will go toward building a pilot brewery in Amsterdam so that Farmless can develop its first products to replace meat, dairy and eggs.

Food tech roundup: Mammoth meatballs, tiger steaks and zebra chops, oh my!

Is it time to normalize the idea of cultivated meat? Depends on who you ask.

Food tech roundup: Plant-based protein eaters still want it to taste like meat

Taste is something that continues to be a challenge for plant-based protein companies. If it tastes more like meat, it's a winner, according to new stats from Good Food Institute.

This week in food tech: New fund shows food investments are still simmering

If you’re adventurous with your food, or just like to keep up with the fast-moving food tech industry, here’s a roundup of this week’s stories and some notable news we weren’t able to cover. S

Sugar Lab buys back its tech to take 3D-printed foods mainstream

The 3D printing world can print in concrete, plastic, metal and pretty much everything else that starts off gooey and turns solid after a while. That includes a bunch of different types of foods, as S

French food tech company Standing Ovation nabs $12 million for animal-free dairy cheese

The burgeoning food tech revolution continues apace with news that French startup Standing Ovation has raised €12 million ($12 million) in a series A round of funding to develop an animal-free case

As startups whip up a restaurant tech frenzy, is anyone close to Toast?

Technology innovation often comes in waves, but the restaurant industry saw its surf get bigger and stronger due in part to the pandemic. Startups stepped up across the industry to help restaurants qu

Felicis, Lux Capital and Upfront Ventures tackle TAM at Disrupt

Perception is everything — especially when it comes to the value of software startups and total addressable markets (TAM). During 2020 and 2021, as COVID bit into the economy, tech products turned o

MAYA Capital closes second fund with $100M for early-stage Latin American startups

This new fund triples the firm’s assets under management and will enable the pair to invest in another 25 to 30 companies.

Meal delivery service Daily Harvest recalls lentil product after customers report falling ill

Plant-based meal delivery service Daily Harvest issued a public recall of its French Lentil and Leek Crumbles product on June 22 after dozens of customers reported that they fell ill after consuming i

TechCrunch+ roundup: Food tech smorgasbord, VCs squeeze crypto founders, startup layoffs 101

According to The Good Food Institute, fermentation startups received $290 million of the $911 million investors dropped on alternative protein companies in Q1 2022.
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