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  • Grubless? Online Takeout Giants GrubHub And Seamless In Talks To Merge [Confirmed]

    Grubless? Online Takeout Giants GrubHub And Seamless In Talks To Merge [Confirmed]

    Today, thanks to the maturation of the web, digital tech, and smartphones now in seemingly every pocket, startups are finding it easier than ever before to build scalable solutions to finally address the many inefficiencies in our food manufacturing, production and distribution systems. As interest in food tech balloons, one area in particular appears to already be at the tipping point… Read More

  • Foundation Interview: Robyn Sue Fisher

    Foundation: Using Liquid Nitrogen And Tech To Create The World’s Best Ice Cream

    In the latest episode of my Foundation video series, I talk with Smitten Ice Cream Founder Robyn Sue Fisher. Robyn Sue explains how she built a solid alumni network at the Stanford, why she turned down a job with the FBI to become an entrepreneur, and the secrets behind the Kelvin, her one-of-a-kind instant ice cream freezer. Read More

  • Can I Get Some Sustainability With That Shake?

    This week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued Energy Star ratings for large vat commercial fryers. These appliances are used by high-volume dining establishments — like fast food chains, institutional cafeterias and full-service restaurants— to make french fries, hush puppies and anything else Paula Deen would promote, in bulk. Encouraging the industry to upgrade… Read More

  • Looking For $1 Million To Build "Pandora For Food"

    According to a late Thursday SEC filing the New York City startup behind, FlavorMetrics Corp., is seeking a $1 million investment to build a “Pandora for food.” The company’s web and mobile app is now in private beta. Currently, allows users in New York City or San Francisco to enter a few key attributes of meals that they enjoyed before… Read More