• Fon To Distribute Peek In Europe For €99 A Pop

    Simple communication gadget Peek is making its way to Europe, courtesy of Spain-based Fon, whose founder and CEO Martin Varsavsky is making the announcement later today at the Le Web conference here in Paris. Prior to his stage appearance, Varsavsky shared the details of the distribution partnership on his widely read blog. The price of the PeekFon will be €99, and the service will cost… Read More

  • Peek Email Device May Find Life In Europe: The PeekFON

    The U.S. press hasn’t been particularly kind to the Peek email device. It isn’t that it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do – email. The issue is more that people already have their phones to do this, and those phones can also deal with images, links to websites, etc. But the Peek may just be the perfect device for Europe, and Spain’s FON is going to take a… Read More

  • Don't look now, but the Fonera2n router is now available

    The Fonera name doesn’t really mean much here in the U S of A, but it’s a little more popular in Europe. (I know I occasionally ran into Fonera Wi-Fi networks in Barcelona last year, and I had never seen one in Manhattan or Queens in New York.) In any event, Fon has, indeed, released the Fonera 2n router here in the U.S.. The big thing is that it works with 802.11n. I guess… Read More

  • Fonera+ gets upgraded to 2.0, adds built-in torrent download and upload services, other goodies

    As you recall Fon makes wireless routers for sharing. You install the Fon node in your house, share it with others, and then are given access to other Fonera routers around the world. It’s sort of a viral Wi-Fi community. Now, however, the Fonera is incredibly more interesting. The device can now access web services without the aid of a computer, allowing you to download torrents and… Read More

  • PSP now on FON Wi-Fi

    PSP fanboys, take note. Starting today, your little Sony buddy can hop on any of the FON Wi-Fi spots. Details aren’t exactly clear as if full internet will be available or if it is just going to be Sony-exclusive material. As far as the service goes though, there are around 44,000 FON spots world-wide so chance are that unless you’re in the middle of the a corn field, there is… Read More

  • Can FON create a worldwide, wireless Internet?

    Ready for worldwide, wireless Internet access? Keep dreaming! You remember FON, right? There’s a small piece in the International Herald Tribune that tries to explain why the hippie-sounding service hasn’t taken off yet. Whereas, to be successful, FON needs millions of users spread around the world, each sharing their Internet connection wirelessly, so far only 830,000 people… Read More

  • Fon Raises Another $9.5 Million In C Round

    Fon, the Spanish startup that wants to bring free WiFi across the planet, just raised $9.5 million (six million Euros) in a C round led by Coral Capital Management. Also investing was British Telecom (which struck a distribution partnership with Fon last October), Google (a previous investor), investment bank Allen & Co., founder Martin Varsavsky (through his Jazzya holding company), and… Read More

  • Twitxr – Like Twitter, With Pictures. Yeah, It's Photoblogging.

    FON (better known for building a WiFi community) launched Twitxr today through their FON Labs group. Basically, it’s Twitter but allows picture uploads when sending a message (which makes it particularly useful for camera phones). FON founder Martin Varsavsky announced the product on his blog. So, yeah, basically it’s a photoblog. You can easily set it up to automatically send… Read More

  • Fon Wants Residents of San Francisco's Castro District to Share Their Wi-Fi

    “Give to receive” is the mantra of a new initiative by Spanish startup Fon to bring “free” Wi-Fi to the residents of San Francisco’s Castro District. The plan is the same one tried by Fon elsewhere: the company gives people Wi-Fi routers to install in their homes with the understanding that they will use them to share some of their internet connection with other… Read More

  • Fon, BT create world's largest Wi-Fi network

    Did anyone else get a free FON router a few months back? I did and it’s a piece of turd. Mine was constantly cutting in and out and the router started warping from the heat. I think it’s a dumb idea to share my Wi-Fi, but I’ll probably sing a different tune the next time I’m traveling and need a hotspot to mooch off of. Today FON have teamed up with British Telecom to… Read More

  • Telecom Incest: The Fon-BT Deal Sounds Screwy

    On closer inspection, today’s deal between Fon and British Telecom sounds like it could be a costly one for Fon and its investors. GigaOm is suggesting that Fon may have agreed to pay $8 to $10 to BT for every one of its broadband customers who agrees to sign up and activate the Fon service. If that’s true, with three million broadband subs at BT, that represents a potential… Read More