• Yahoo Mail Out of Beta; New Features

    The new Yahoo Mail interface went into public beta in September 2006, although Yahoo was testing it long before that. Tonight Yahoo takes the “beta” label off of the product and makes it the default interface for all new Yahoo mail accounts. Yahoo mail already has an integrated RSS reader and instant messaging. They also recently announced unlimited storage for all mail users. They… Read More

  • Foldera Launches Public Beta with V 3.0

    Collaborative communications tool, Foldera, is going into public beta today with the release of their 3.0 version (Note: Michael Arrington is on the board of directors of the company). Foldera is aimed at small to medium sized businesses looking to aggregate all of their project related communications into collaboratively managed folders – think of it as Outlook online, but… Read More

  • Foldera: Never organize your inbox again

    Huntington Beach, California based Foldera‘s goal is to organize all of the chaos surrounding work based documents (email, calendar, office documents, instant messaging, etc). It is a very big idea. The company is in private beta right now, with a full launch on the way. Foldera’s approach to productivity is in direct conflict with the way we use applications like Outlook today… Read More