Nike just released its first shoe with an all-foam bottom

Nike just announced theirĀ first shoe with an all-foam sole powered by a new foam technology called React. The shoe is called the Nike Epic React Flyknit and is a running shoe, which will release on F

Video: Can Plastic-replacing Foam Help Cut The Weight Of Cars By 50%?

<img src="" /> Using foam for the production of vehicles (for automotive components) is hardly something new, but Japan-base

Sony goes crazy for foam in Miami

Somehow this got lost in the shuffle yesterday and I failed to post it. I don’t know what’s going on here, but all I can think about are those foam parties I went to in Rosarito that one s

Mario Enters Anger Management

As a child, nothing frustrated me more than trying to find the negative worlds in the original Super Mario Brothers game for the NES. I just couldn’t get the technique with the blocks and the du