• Video: Can Plastic-replacing Foam Help Cut The Weight Of Cars By 50%?

    Using foam for the production of vehicles (for automotive components) is hardly something new, but Japan-based “foam technology” company JSP (which is actually quite large and active globally) claims using foam instead of conventional plastic materials can help cut the weight of cars by as much as 50%. Read More

  • Sony goes crazy for foam in Miami

    Somehow this got lost in the shuffle yesterday and I failed to post it. I don’t know what’s going on here, but all I can think about are those foam parties I went to in Rosarito that one spring break way back when. Good times. Read More

  • Mario Enters Anger Management

    As a child, nothing frustrated me more than trying to find the negative worlds in the original Super Mario Brothers game for the NES. I just couldn’t get the technique with the blocks and the ducking and the jumping right. Sigh … all those sleepless nights. However, If I had these Mario-themed foam stress relievers, perhaps I would have turned out more well-adjusted. Available for… Read More