UPDATED: Clone Has Shut Down

9/28/15 UPDATE: According to a blog post on its site, has shut down as of 3PM PT. A playlist export tool is available. Thank you for the fun! We’ll be shutting down at 3PM PDT today –

TuneCast 3 FM Transmitter Looks Hella Nicer Than TuneCast II

Belkin continues to move ahead with its TuneCast line of FM transmitters for DAPs. The TuneCast 3 shares much, if not all, of its features with the TuneCast II: broadcast to any unused FM station, aut

Pure Digital Evoke 1S DAB Radio: Where Old Meets New (Radio-Wise)

Blogging here in the morning, I’m either listening to house and/or trance mixes or to talk radio, be it NPR or the Norton and Friends show. If I lived in a DAB-friendly area, I might be using so

Clear Channel Testing Out Commercial Free FM Radio

You might not need that XM subscription for much longer. Tyrannical media-corporation Clear Channel is testing out commercial free FM radio in Texas. The plan is that stations will no longer run comme

Zune-Fans in a Stream: Send Music To Another Zune

We’ve all grown to love or hate the Zune in the last few months, but this here factoid may change your mind for the better if you’re apart of the latter group. The FM transmitter accessory for the

MyBlu Links Your iPod, Mobile

Who needs iPhone? I have a smartphone. I have an iPod. Currently, they do not talk much. But that could change if I were to pick up a MyBlu, the Bluetooth iPod-to-Mobile Phone dongle. Looking very muc

Zune to Record from Radio?

There is currently a bit of fuss brewing at the Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies (like the RIAA, but not) about the Zune’s ability to record from FM. It claims that recordings should

Record Online FM With Instant FM Music

Instant FM Music is a USB drive that can record music from FM and Web stations, so that you can identify the song and play it back later on your MP3 player or PC. It uses Snaptune One software to iden

Apple Files iPod Patent For Recording Terrestrial and Satellite Radio

<img src=", satellite, and WiFi. The patent art shows that the iPod will accept accessories "to add the necessary functionality",

Gemei X-900 In The Wild

As cheap as the Gemei X-900 looks, the 1GB portable video player features more than what meets the eye. The X-900 features a built-in camera, video support, gaming support, picture viewing (JPEG, BMP,

CS FM07 Wireless Card Reader and FM Transmitter

<img src=" flash cards and USB-enabled storage devices like a thumb drive or a USB hard drive. When you plug in any of these, the player wi