fm radio

  • The Myinee Abbee will record FM radio to a portable player (too bad FM radio stinks)

    So I just stumbled upon the Myinee Abbee. It’s a combination FM radio+portable music player. The idea is simple enough: you tune the radio into a station, plug in the portable music player, then it records the audio directly to said player. Now you can walk around with a collection of songs that an overpaid, out-of-touch program director has put together based on his company’s… Read More

  • iFM Radio Browser from Griffin Technology

    Griffin Technology released a new iPhone app today called iFM Radio Browser that works like a search engine for radio stations. The essence of the app is that you can search for local radio stations (with the help of the iPhone’s built in GPS capability) and view what is currently spinning on any of the stations it finds in your area. This is a new paradigm in station-flipping for sure. Read More

  • ButterFly FMP3 Player: Non-crappy product from Thanko?

    Thanko today announced a new gadget that might not be as crappy as their other ones. The infamous Japanese gadget maker is now selling a headphone, which features a built-in MP3 player, an FM radio, a USB 2.0 port and 2GB of internal memory. The so-called ButterFly FMP3 Player is compatible to sound in MP3 and WMA and costs $50 in Japan. Expect it to be listed in Thanko’s English online… Read More

  • Feeling Cheeky? Try Out Happy Monkey!

    FM Radio is always hit or miss, but with the Happy Monkey FM Radio, every time you go to listen to the radio, you’ll feel youthful again. These crazy little monkeys come in yellow, green, blue, or red and only cost $16, which isn’t terrible for a creative-looking radio. No AM is available because AM radio sucks, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Oh. See that little… Read More

  • Inexpensive Nintendo DS FM Radio Add-On

    Though the popularity of FM radio is starting to dwindle, some of still enjoy some classic rock, sports radio, or NPR. Brando knows this and have created quite a nice looking add-on for the Nintendo DS that allows you to listen to FM radio. It leeches off your DS’ battery and has a bright, monochrome screen. And the best part? It’s only $14! Pick one up and actually start getting… Read More

  • Cambridge Soundworks Radio CD 745i w/ iPod Support

    Love your iPod but don’t want to invest in a dock because you’re still into FM radio and CDs? You might just want to peep the Radio CD 745i from Cambridge Soundworks. Equipped with a boring name and a Bose-esque design, this stereo features a dedicated iPod dock for playback and charging, AM/FM radio, a CD player that supports MP3/WMA discs, alarm clock, and a remote control. It… Read More

  • Nokia 5070 – A No Frills Candybar Phone

    Those who enjoy the simpler things in life will gladly welcome the Nokia 5070. This candybar-style phone has no radical design and is chock full of basic features! You’ll get the ability to SMS and MMS, stunning audio messaging, a built-in camera with a terrible resolution, FM radio to listen to NPR on, a stereo headset, and the choice between a red or blue paint job. Doesn’t get… Read More