Earlier this week, a video surfaced of a robot dog walking down the streets of Shanghai with a bullhorn strapped on its back. There are those who will, no doubt, view it as a kind of apocalyptic visio

Flytrex expands drone delivery into Texas

We’re still very much in the baby steps of drone delivery, at the moment. It’s a category that’s seen both its share of setbacks (Amazon layoffs) and milestones (Wing’s 200,000th delivery). Un

Flytrex raises $40M to build its drone-based delivery service across suburbs in the US

Flytrex, the Israeli startup working with Walmart, Chili’s, and others in North Carolina in pilots for a drone-based delivery service targeting suburban consumers, has picked up $40 million in f

Ran Krauss and Yariv Bash, leaders at two of Israel’s hottest drone startups, are joining us in Tel Aviv

Yariv Bash, the chief executive of drone delivery startup Flytrex, wants to make drone delivery “as easy as using your iPhone“. Meanwhile, Ran Krauss, the CEO of Airobotics, has helped his

Early-bird pricing for TC Tel Aviv ends in two weeks

The first-ever TechCrunch conference in Tel Aviv is just slightly more than a month away, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring this day-long intensive event focused on mobility to one of the fas

Flytrex launches an autonomous on-demand drone delivery service in Iceland’s capital

Flytrex wants to prove that drones are a realistic option for on-demand logistics with a new delivery program that took off in Iceland's capital today. While other companies, including Amazon, have te

This FlyTrex drone can deliver beer (and anything else under 6lbs)

A future in which drones deliver our goods is not far off. Giants like Amazon are working on drone delivery, and once regulatory hurdles are overcome, the rest of the market will want to compete. That

Flytrex lands $3M to make drone delivery a thing

Despite my early skepticism, I'm becoming increasingly convinced that commercial drone delivery will soon become a thing. Enter Israel's <a target="_blank" href="">Flytrex</a>,

The drone race is off and running, with Israel in the lead

Audiences around the globe enjoyed all the action of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games thanks in large part to the drones hovering above the events (or below them), capturing every movement, from every an

Flytrex Live Is An Internet-Connected ‘Black Box’ For Your Personal Drone

Personal drone enthusiasts -- specifically, those who like flying quadcopters -- have a new way to make the experience a lot more social. Meet the <a target="_blank" href="">Flyt