Just Eat backs Flypay to help restaurant and pub chains consolidate their tech

Just Eat, the online takeout ordering behemoth, has invested in U.K. startup <a target="_blank" href="">Flypay</a>, which has built a platform to help restaurant and pub chains

TimeOut Backs Flypay, The Pay-At-Table U.K. Startup, With $10.7M Series A

I wonder how quickly TimeOut settled this bill. The traditional media brand now calling itself a "global multimedia discovery platform" (whatever the heck that is) has led a $10.7 million Series A rou

Flypay Raises £1M To Make Settling Your Restaurant Bill “Waiter-Free”

Never mind poor service or the food itself, the experience of actually paying the bill at the end of a meal is often cited as the biggest pain-point for restaurant goers. Or so says <a target="_blank"