• Popular ‘blue light’ reducing app F.lux arrives on Android

    Popular ‘blue light’ reducing app F.lux arrives on Android

    F.lux, the popular color-adjusting application for computers and mobile devices that reduces blue light emissions for better nighttime usage, has now arrived on Android. Unfortunately, the application (for now) requires users to have a rooted phone in order to take advantage of its functionality. The release is notable, however, as it comes at a time when the major platform makers are building… Read More

  • FLUX the All-in-One 3D Printer

    Eyes-On With Flux’s Modular 3D Printer, Which Has Raised Over $1.3M On Kickstarter

    The Flux 3D printer wants to be a one-stop fab shop for scanning, designing and building various things thanks to a design with interchangeable heads. Flux’s team took to Kickstarter to generate interest in the project, and generate interest they did: The project has raised over $1.3 million, with five days yet to go, after seeking just $100,000 as their starting goal. Flux hitting… Read More

  • Flux’s 3D Printer Is Also A Scanner, Laser Engraver And More Thanks to A Modular Design

    Flux’s 3D Printer Is Also A Scanner, Laser Engraver And More Thanks to A Modular Design

    3D printers are at a bit of a crossroads – after a lot of initial promise, they seem to have hit a roadblock between early adopter zeal and general consumer interest. A new entrant called Flux should at least reinvigorate hobbyist excitement, thanks to a modular design that makes it a veritable all-in-one maker factor for budding builders. The Kickstarter project for Flux launches… Read More

  • Chegg Acquires Software Company Flux / 3D3R, SEC Filing Reveals

    Chegg Acquires Software Company Flux / 3D3R, SEC Filing Reveals

    An SEC filing surfaced this morning, showing that Chegg has made a yet unannounced acquisition for at least $1.1 million worth of common stock. The company that Chegg acquired is called Flux Software Co. according to the filing, or shortly ‘Flux’. To be clear, we’ve confirmed that Chegg did not purchase enterprise software company Flux. We’ve confirmed with a Chegg… Read More

  • MTV Networks Buys The Rest Of DIY Social Networking Platform Flux (Social Project)

    MTV Networks has acquired the remaining portion of Social Project that it did not already own. Terms were not disclosed. Previously, MTV Networks was a minority investor in Social Project, which is behind the Flux social-networking platform powering many of its sites, including MTV.com, TheDailyShow.com, and ColbertNation.com. Social Project, which competes with Ning and KickApps, had… Read More

  • Ning: All Our Charts Point Up And To The Right

    Ning certainly continues to rock and roll, at least according to data released by the company and reported by Comscore. The company, which allows users to easily create social networks, now has over 200,000 social networks on the platform and is adding another 1,000 or so per day. And Comscore-reported traffic is spiking up nicely: 3.1 million unique visitors/month, generating 71 million… Read More

  • Flux Takes Off

    The Viacom-backed Flux social network, which launched just last September, is really taking off. Flux is a partially distributed social network. Like Ning (and more recently KickApps), it’s a place for sites to easily create a new social network, or bolt a social network onto an existing site, and add users from other platform social networks with a single click. Ning has the benefit of… Read More

  • WetPaint White Labels For Businesses And Brands

    Hosted wiki provider WetPaint has launched a new white label wiki service called “Just Add Wetpaint”, which lets businesses buy a customized version of their wiki platform (starting around $10,000). In at most 14 days, the company can pump out a customized community around a product. The communities are hosted by WetPaint on your domain, and share a common login with the rest of… Read More

  • Flux Launches Self Service Product; Full On Ning Competitor

    Flux, a new social network joint venture between Viacom and SocialProject, had a limited launch in September. The platform is the cornerstone of Viacom’s social network strategy. Instead of building independent networks for MTV and its hundreds of other brands, they’ve built a distributed platform that shares users, infrastructure and content, but allows for distinct branding… Read More

  • Ning CEO Calls Flux And Viacom To The Mat

    Silicon Valley based Ning and Los Angeles based Flux are “networks of networks” that allow communities to build feature rich social networks with a few clicks. Ning, which launched in 2005, has raised over $44 million in capital and has 130,000 social networks on its platform. Ning was founded by CEO Gina Bianchini and Marc Andreessen, pictured to the right. Flux, which launched… Read More

  • Flux Adds Content Sharing And Embedding; Quietly Building Excellent Platform

    Flux, the new distributed social network that was created via a partnership between Viacom and Social Project (formerly Tagworld), has been busy since their September launch. Flux is a “distributed” social network in the sense that publishers can plug it in around their existing site, effectively bolting a social network onto their existing communities. Viacom continues to add… Read More

  • Viacom And Social Project Launch Broad Decentralized Social Network Called Flux

    It turns out the rumors of a Viacom investment and partnership with social network Tagworld were accurate. Viacom invested a reported $40 million in the company for a minority stake (Tagworld was previously funded by Draper Fisher Jurvetson) and the two companies began working on new social networking products. Tagworld’s parent company has been renamed Social Project. Tomorrow morning… Read More