fluid forms

  • New wave of web services brings customization to commerce

    For a long time, CafePress was the major player in customized product creation on the Internet. Slowly other sites sprang up, like Zazzle, Skreened, StickerGiant, Lulu, and many more. Many of these options are novelty one-offs, though, and you’re paying for the customization, not the craftsmanship, of the product. But the success of these somewhat kitschy sites have revealed a real… Read More

  • Customized streetmap clocks from FluidForms

    Just in time for the holiday, Fluid Forms has announced the availability of custom clocks made from street maps. Using their website, you can plug in a zip code or city name and then drag the map around until the portion you want is visible in the clock face. The map will then be fabricated in the color of your choice, to create a truly memorable timepiece. This would make a pretty unique gift… Read More

  • Wear your favorite place on Earth

    Do you guys remember my belt buckle? It’s cool, right? What could be cooler than a QR code belt buckle? How about a silver brooch that displays a topographical map? I know, right?! Read More

  • QR Codes: the next step in geek couture

    QR codes, or “Quick Response” codes, are a mechanism to codify data for quick recognition. They’ve been used in package tracking applications for some time, and apparently they’re hugely popular with mobile phone users in Japan. Snap a picture of a QR code with your phone’s camera, and your phone can then decode the info and do something useful — usually load… Read More