UK’s Bloom & Wild raises $102M to seed its flower delivery service across Europe

Bloom & Wild, a London-based startup that takes an updated and online approach to the very traditional business of ordering and delivering flowers, has seen business blossom in the last year. And

BloomThat pauses on-demand flower services

Following an acquisition by FTD Companies earlier this year for a reportedly small amount of cash, on-demand flower service BloomThat is pausing its services as it works “to figure out how to be

A flower giant has reportedly acquired BloomThat, an on-demand flower startup

BloomThat, an on-demand flower startup, has sold itself to flower giant FTD, Axios reports. FTD, which offers same-day delivery flowers for a variety of occasions, reportedly paid a small amount of mo

The Bouqs Gains A $12 Million Bushel in Series B Financing To Grow The Business

We're a week-and-a-half away from Valentine's Day, one of the biggest days for flower purchases everywhere and probably the best time for The Bouqs, an on-demand-ish flower startup to announce it pull

BloomNation, A Marketplace For Local Florists, Raises $5.6 Million Series A

BloomNation, a Santa Monica-based startup offering florists and floral designers a platform for running their business online, as well as a marketplace that connects florists and consumers, has now

BloomNation, A Platform For Local Florists, Raises $1.65M From Andreessen Horowitz & Others

<a target="_blank" href="">BloomNation</a>, a startup building a marketplace for florists and floral designers, has closed on $1.65 million in seed funding, the company is a

Electronic Flowerpot Takes The Guesswork Out Of Gardening

Even though plants need only a few things to grow – water, air, light and minerals – maintaining the right proportions can make gardening feel like a high-maintenance hobby. Estonian company <a hr

Ceramic seed grenade calls chia pet a wuss

<img src="" />My wife loves to grow flowers. It's difficult here in Nevada, and I'm usually a little less then supportive of her p

What a beautiful vase for–HOLY CRAP IT’S A ROUTER!

You got me, Saudi Telecom. I could have sworn that this was your average, run-of-the-mill flower vase with standard alien symbols and corporate logo adorning the front. But lo and behold, it’s a wir

Asus stops to smell the roses

I’m totally confused by this, but maybe the Stumptown coffee I’m slurping down hasn’t quite kicked in yet. Asus announced a new line of laptops dubbed the F6 and apparently they&#821

LED Roses Make Dorky Moms Smile

This coming Sunday, two important things are happening: Mother’s Day and my birthday. Now I’ll leave it up to you to determine which will be more fun, but you can’t ignore the woman

Solar Flower: Double the Hippie Feel-Good Junk

Here we are in 2007, a new year full of promise and heartfelt bliss, and I find this. It’s a Solar Night Flower. Sunlight charges it during the day, and the Solar Night Flower’s (SNF for s

Keep Death from Beheaded Pretty Flowers via USB

If you can forgive the noir color scheme, you might enjoy this USB flower vase from some design house in Europe. What could a flower vase possibly do via USB? Tell you that your pansy is low on water,