floating vision

  • Video: Pioneer's Amazing 3D Floating Vision Display

    Pioneer has been working on “Floating Vision” displays for quite a while, and now the company has shown the technology used in embedded systems. The naked-eye 3D display Pioneer recently showed at an exhibition in Tokyo lets users view images or videos “floating” in space – embedded in a prototype car navigation system. Read More

  • Digital Contents Expo Tokyo: Pioneer's awesome 3D display "Floating Vision" (video)

    Pioneer has showcased the Floating Vision at the Digital Contents Expo in Tokyo (that ended Sunday), another 3D display that doesn’t require you to wear glasses (yawn) to view 3D images. It’s not bad at all though, even though visitors flocked to Sony’s booth to see their stereoscopic 3D display (which was a bit cooler). You can connect the Floating Vision to a PC via USB 2.0… Read More