• Qualcomm To Sell Spectrum Licenses To AT&T For $2B, Kill FLO TV In March 2011

    Qualcomm has just announced that it has agreed to sell its Lower 700 MHz D and E Block U.S. spectrum licenses to AT&T for a whopping $1.925 billion, following its previously announced plan to restructure and evaluate strategic options related to its FLO TV business. The company expects to shutter its FLO TV business and network in March 2011. Read More

  • Qualcomm offers full refunds on FLO TV hardware

    Remember back in October when we said that Qualcomm were shutting down their mobile TV service, FLO TV? Do you also recall how Qualcomm were looking at ways of compensating their users? Well, it seems that ol’ Q have now decided on a method of compensation: full refunds on hardware. All you have to do is fill in a claim form (which will also cancel your service), and you’ll receive… Read More

  • FLO TV adds On-demand, time shifting

    When Qualcomm’s FLO TV came out last November, it seemed alright. A bit expensive for the initial investment, but a reasonable device if you didn’t want to stream media over your smartphone. Well, Qualcomm is making the FLO TV a little better with their latest update, due 2Q2010. Read More

  • The Qualcomm FLO TV is now available if anyone cares

    The Qualcomm FLO TV is a nifty little device. It plays TV content on a 3.5-inch screen, which could be great for some. But you have it’s $8.99 a month for the service and pay the $249.99 initial cost. And it results in yet another mobile device for you to carry even though your smartphone can playback videos. Read More

  • Flo TV gets official announcement and pricing

    We’ve been watching the evolution of the Flo TV story with some interest; it may prove to be an interesting little gadget for compulsive TV-watchers. We heard the rumor, we broke the interface, we saw the box, and now we have it straight from the horse’s mouth: Flo TV is, as expected, a mobile TV device with a 3.5″ capacitive touchscreen and built-in stereo speakers, and… Read More

  • The Qualcomm FLO TV retail box leaks out, launch imminent?

    The Qualcomm FLO TV is slowly taking shape. First we saw early concept art, which was followed by our exlucisive shots of the interface. But the just last week we saw a leaked photo and learned that it was manufactured by HTC. Today though, the retail packaging has been spotted. So…really the only thing left is the actual product announcement, which can’t be that far off. Hopefully. Read More

  • Qualcomm FLO TV user interface images leak into our inbox

    Well look at this. We still don’t know any hard facts about the Qualcomm FLO TV product, but a highly reliable source just confirmed to us that yes, it does exist and that these images are of the user interface. Even better, we might get more info later this week about the hardware, availability and/or price. That last point is what we would really like to know. FLO TV is great and all… Read More