• Flixup Brings Its Movie Tweet Aggregator To The Web For The Holiday Movie Season

    At our Realtime CrunchUp in November, Bazaar Labs showed off their iPhone application Flixup, which scans Twitter to create aggregate scores for movies. Tonight, just in time for the busy Christmas movie-going season, they’re launching the website for the service. The website works just like the app. The main page shows the “Top Movies” based on the amount of talk on Twitter. Read More

  • FlixUp Is Rotten Tomatoes For Twitter Movie Talk

    Rotten Tomatoes is a great site because it takes all the movie reviews from around the web and condenses them into an easy-to-understand aggregate score. But let’s be honest: Most movie reviewers suck. Why not instead rely on people in your social circle to recommend movies to you? That’s the idea behind FlixUp. This new iPhone app unveiled at our Realtime CrunchUp event in San… Read More