• FlipTrack / Moblyng Raising $10.9 Million For HTML5 Games For Mobile Devices

    Once a company focused on building a slideshow creation tool, FlipTrack in May 2008 decided to change its name to Moblyng and shift its core reason for being to bringing Flash objects to mobile phones. Today, the company seems to have pivoted a third time, now developing cross-platform HTML5 games for mobiles devices. And according to this SEC filing, the company is currently raising nearly… Read More

  • FlipTrack Get's $1.5 M for Syncing Slide Shows

    We covered FlipTrack last November when they launched a beta version of their desktop client, which syncs a photo slide show to music. They’re back, with a $1.5 million first round of financing and a new web client. The financing comes from a group angels and Mohr Davidow Ventures. The new investment included some investors in FlipTrack’s former parent company, iPlay, makers of… Read More

  • FlipTrack: A More Sophisticated Slide Show Tool

    FlipTrack launched a product with a unique approach to online slide show creation tonight and I think it could catch on fairly well. It’s a desktop application that combines an interface that looks like Garage Band or Audacity with song lyrics and an image placement tool for users who want more control over their online photo sharing production. FlipTrack is a division of iPlayMusic… Read More