• CrunchDeals: Refurbished Flip camcorder for $50

    Everybody who’s anybody has a Flip camcorder, am I right? Am I right? If you’ve been unable to justify the purchase of a Flip camcorder because of the relatively high price tag, you may be happy to find out that you can get your hands on one of the older, clunkier ones for just $50. Read More

  • Kodak outs the 1080p Zi8 pocket camcorder

    Oh man, we nailed it. Remember that dumb Kodak viral video we posted where a marketing dude was showing off the latest Kodak product but it was blurred out Japanese porn-style? Well, we said it would be an updated pocket camcorder and it’s a new, 1080p-recording pocket camcorder. Read More

  • Flip announces Flip Channels, adds easier video sharing

    Not content to let others do the heavy lifting, Pure Digital, now part of Cisco, has added Flip Channels to their popular – and surprisingly useful – FlipShare software. The software is pre-installed on every Flip devices (we have the HD) and the Channels are yet another way to upload and share your videos in the interwebs. Videos sent to your channel can be viewed at FlipShare.com… Read More

  • Review: Flip UltraHD camcorder

    Short Version: Joining the ranks of the Flip family, the UltraHD is one of the easiest-to-use digital camcorders on the market. This version features 8GB of storage, high-definition video capture, the ability to use an included rechargeable battery pack or off-the-shelf AA batteries, and HDMI output. At $200, though, it’s pretty expensive considering its feature set. Read More

  • Flip UltraHD and UltraSD officially announced

    It’s a little late to be announcing anything, since the things are already at Best Buy, but I guess Flip had better at least acknowledge that the Flip UltraHD and SD exist. We guessed that it was 720p and had 8GB of built-in storage when we saw the leaked pictures, and that’s pretty much what the news is. The price is lower than we expected, though, so that’s good news for… Read More

  • Flip Ultra HD unboxed and toyed with

    Flip, makers of the Mino line of portable digital camcorders, have released the slightly less portable, but more capable Ultra HD. It’s chunkier than the Mino and has enough built-in storage that it can record a total of 2 hours of footage — the MinoHD records an hour of 720p to 4GB, so it’s a fair bet that the Ultra HD has 8GB inside. There aren’t any real specs… Read More

  • Done deal: Cisco buys Pure Digital (Flip Video)

    Earlier this month we reported that Cisco Systems had acquired Pure Digital Technologies, the makers of the popular Flip Video cameras. Today, Cisco officially announced the deal, which was for $590 million in stock. (We had the price at “north of $500 million). Pure Digital will become part of Cisco’s consumer business group, which includes Linksys home routers and set-top boxes… Read More

  • Cisco buys Flip Video/PureDigital

    San Francisco based Pure Digital Technologies, the seven year old company behind the Flip Video line of video cameras, is considering a sale of the company, multiple sources have confirmed. One interested buyer is rumored to be Cisco. Flip cameras – dead simple and small video devices that are tailored towards users who want to upload video to the Internet – have become… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Flip Video F230W for $59

    Wanna jump into the world of pocket video cams? This Flip F230W is a great, entry level model but don’t expect stellar recording results. It only records 30 minutes worth of video, but the $59 price might justify it for you. Who knows how long the sale will last for so jump on it Woot-style. BTW, the 120-min Flip F260 for $89.99 is still available. Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Flip Video Ultra F260 for $89 (but it's refurbished, so…)

    Did you miss last week’s Woot for the $80 Flip? Fear not, citizen, for Buy.com has the Flip Video Ultra F260 for $89.99. (Buy.com notes that it usually retails for $199.99.) It’s refurbished, meaning that if you give it as a gift it’s a sign that you really don’t love them person, so there’s that. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Second generation Flip camcorder for $80

    With Valentine’s Day approaching and the economy being the way it is, it doesn’t hurt to save where and when you can. Today’s Woot is far from stellar, but the Flip is a popular camcorder despite its shortcomings. Those shortcomings only apply to us nerds it seems and the general consumer – think soccer mom – aren’t worried about the things we bitch about. Read More

  • Flip intros $229 high definition ‘MinoHD’ camcorder

    The tiny-and-popular line of Flip Mino camcorders has a new addition with the MinoHD. It’s basically a Flip Mino that – you guessed it – records at 1280 x 720 resolution onto four gigabytes of onboard memory. The camera appears to be about the same as the regular Mino except for some updated software, the higher resolution, the 4GB of storage, and the $229.99 price tag versus… Read More

  • Pure Digital teams up with CafePress to offer free custom Flip Mino camcorder designs

    Pure Digital, the company behind the insanely popular series of easy to use “Flip” digital camcorders, is about to get even more insanely popular – especially with the customization crowd. Starting today, you’ll now be able to choose from hundreds of professional designs for the $179.99 Flip Mino camcorder. If none of the available designs are to your liking, you can… Read More

  • T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 now available

    It seems as if the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 would never hit the market, but after leak after leak after leak after leak, the damn phone is finally available from T-Mobile for $149.99. Read More

  • T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 now available

    It seems as if the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 would never hit the market, but after leak after leak after leak after leak, the damn phone is finally available from T-Mobile for $149.99. Read More

  • Best Buy Mobile handset roadmap discovered

    There are some sweet mobile phones coming out over the next few months and a BGR crony turned up release dates for Best Buy’s hotest upcoming phones. The info comes off of a PowerPoint slide and reveals quite a bit.   Coming October 26th: Sprint – Samsung M540 “Rant”, available in black, purple and red Sprint – HTC Touch Pro Verizon – Blitz AT&T… Read More

  • Flip video recorder #1 according to NPD

    According to NPD research, the Flip is the #1 selling camcorder in the US, beating out such stalwarts as Sony and JVC. The Flip is the YouTube compatible video camera that is so simple even a retarded monkey could use it. The Flip—so popular because of the cam’s ease-of-use, low cost and instant publication capabilities—leapfrogged into the digital marketplace, creating a… Read More

  • DXG's 567V HD camcorder could give the Flip a run for its money

    DXG, “the digital camera company,” has thrown its Cowboy hat into the increasingly crowded direct-to-YouTube video cameras space. Its 567V shoots video at 30 frames per second with a 1280×720 resolution. Pretty sure that’s above and beyond (n. the trance DJs) YouTube’s requirements, but here we are. All CMOS-captured, H.264-compressed video is recorded onto… Read More

  • Video Review: Flip Mino digital camcorder

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/Abu5IAA%5D I review the new Flip Mino…or do I? Here’s five minutes you’ll never get back. Flip Mino [TheFlip.com] Like this video? View more here… Read More

  • Arrington reviews the Flip Mino

    Seeing as how our review unit of the Mino is ‘lost in the mail’, I thought I’d share with you what our boss thinks of the Mino. Michael doesn’t actually have one himself, but I trust his judgment and he’s done some perusing of the Web to see what everyone else is saying. I’m sorry we couldn’t share our thoughts on the Mino with you, but Flip only seems… Read More