• Scosche Announces The freedomMIC For The Flip UltraHD

    Looks like Blue isn’t the only company getting in on the Flip camera microphone market. Scosche’s offering is quite a bit more advanced though, with wireless Bluetooth controls, a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, and DSP noise cancellation. Read More

  • Blue Microphones' Mikey For Flip: The Add-On Mic That Your Flip Camera Desperately Needs

    This should fix one issue I’ve always had with Flip (and Flip-like) cameras. It’s a “professional-quality” external microphone called Mikey for Flip. Developed by Blue Microphones, you plug it in, and then you’ll actually be able to hear audio produced by a Flip camera. A novel idea! Read More

  • Flip goes off-mission, releases lumpen Flip SlideHD

    Remember when Flip was all about video cameras in your pocket? Well those days are gone thanks to the lumpen, misshaped SlideHD. The new model has a landscape screen that “slides” up so I can put the device on the table and rock out with my sad-eyed friends to some video of us guys sitting around playing Russian Roulette with an empty gun at my last house party. According to… Read More

  • iFixIt Tears down the Flip Mino HD

    Ooots ooots ooots. It’s Wednesday morning and there’s nothing you deserve more than a little soft house music and a Flip Mino HD teardown. The folks at iFixIt know you’re feeling the need so they prepared this detailed slideshow and teardown description for you and yours. Click through for video. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Flip MinoHD camcorder for $120

    Ho ho ho, this may be the lowest price you’ll see on a new Flip MinoHD camcorder for a while. Amazon’s got them for $120, today only, down from $160. To be honest, Cisco just bought Flip and they’re expected to unveil some new products at CES (like, perhaps, Wi-Fi enabled camcorders?) so Flip might just be blowing these things out to make room for the new stuff. Either way… Read More

  • Wham: FlipShare video is handled by Mossberg

    If you’ve been waiting for some way to put your low- to middling-resolution videos onto a big TV, your prayers have been answered. Flip, through their mouthpiece Walt Mossberg, just dumped out a big bucket of howsyerfather and announced the Flipshare for all to enjoy. Read More

  • The next Flip camera will have Wi-Fi

    Cisco has confirmed that the next version of the Flip Video camera, everyones favorite tiny video camera, is getting Wi-Fi. The model is described as having “a large screen that slides to reveal the record and menu buttons underneath.” Read More

  • Vidly Brings HD Video To Twitter

    First, there were the Twitter picture services. Soon, there were a lot of those. Then, there were the Twitter video services. And now, there are getting to be a lot of those. So how do you choose which one to use? Most people base it on two things: First, third-party Twitter client support. And second, features. Today, Vidly is launching one such feature. Vidly is claiming to be the first HD… Read More

  • FlipShare TV: yet another way to access your PC's videos on your TV

    The number of techniques for getting content from your PC to your TV is getting alarmingly high. It’s possible that it’s so simple at this point that anyone can put out a product and sell a few — so you can either get a basic one cheap now, or wait for the inevitable breakthrough product that will do something awesome but cost a bundle. The FlipShare ain’t that… Read More

  • Picsio: Victor JVC goes after the Flip with new 1080p camcorder

    Victor JVC seems to finally have realized how well the Flip sells over in North America. The company has now announced the Picsio GC-FM1 [JP], a mini camcorder recording video at 2.03MP and shooting pictures at 8MP. The Picsio offers 1080p output at a 4:3 ratio (1,440×1080, 30fps). Alternatively, you can go for a 720p, VGA or QVGA mode. Read More

  • Flip camcorder, iPod nano video quality compared

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYGfvwgC%5D The folks over at NewTeeVee took the “Flip SD,” as they called it – no real clarification if it was the bigger Flip Ultra or smaller Flip Mino camcorder – and did a side-by-side video quality comparison against the new iPod nano. You’ll recall that during the Apple presentation last Wednesday, Jobs and company took a… Read More

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