A Flip Video remote? On the FCC website? What?

A strange Flip Video remote has been found on the FCC website, whose existence alone seems to indicate Flip Video has something new coming out. I mean, you don’t really need a remote control for

Unlike Us, CrunchGear Has Nothing Bad To Say About The Flip Mino


The Flip v. My Cheap Canon Camera: Flip Loses Across The Board

The Flip Mino, the third version of the popular Flip video camera, launched today to a torrent of well orchestrated press coverage. We’ve been a little harsh on the Flip in the past, so I was pl

Amazon's head of consumer electronics names 'excellent' convergence devices

[photopress:9_12_07_flipvideoultra.jpg,full,center] Amazon’s head of consumer electronics cautions: Don’t let the marketing speak convince you that the Xbox 360 or latest Motorola set-top

Flip Video: Camcorder to YouTube, Automagically

We’ve seen disposable or limited use camcorders before, but Pure Digital, the workhouse behind the el cheapo plastic video recorders, is promising us something new with its Flip Video cams. Whil