Moment-Sharing App Fling Adds Reactions To Promote Global Conversations, Tackles User Safety

Sending a message to the rest of the world can be a bold move, especially when it's being sent to a bunch of random folk. Fling is looking to make the process of anonymous photo and video-sharing safe

Getting Banned From The App Store Was The Best Thing That Happened To Us

“Brace yourself, Marco...we’ve just been removed from the App Store.” With those words, I visualized everything we’d slaved over for months crumple itself into a ball of trash and -- ironicall

Fling Pulls Early Eyeballs With A Random Message-Bombing Feature

Make way for (yet) another messaging app. Fling, for that is its name, has a twist -- as all messaging apps must now have -- in the form of a random message-flinging interface which sends your photo o

Fling Brings Joystick To The Top Of The iPad

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/fling_game_controller_ipad.jpg" />Ushering in the new era of touch panels come the lack of feeling any mechanical feedback. Just when we